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Czech Republic August 2004
2004 Kraskov Conference Martin Kluson & Burt Asbill - "The Seed Of Life" (100kbps video stream)

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Schuyler, Nebraska November 25-27, 2005
Nebraska 2005 Convention:
Full Meetings
Friday Morning: Praise - Peter Schneider - Rita Jantzi "Speak Evil Of No Man"
  Friday Afternoon: Praise - Eileen Myers "What God Wants To Do In Us" - Burt Asbill "Abomination Of Desolation"
  Friday Evening: Praise - Cecil duCille "Christ, The Anointed One" - Praise and Prayer
  Saturday Morning: Praise - Mark Jantzi "It Is As In The Days Of Noah"
  Saturday Afternoon: Praise - Cecil duCille "The Lost Coin, The Lost Sheep"
  Saturday Evening: Praise - Tom Campbell "Love of God" - Prayer and Ministry
  Sunday Morning: Praise - Tom Campbell - Prayer and Ministry
Mahomet, Illinois July 2-5, 2005
Illinois 2005 Convention Cecil duCille - "The Power And The Glory"
  Peter Schneider - "Exousia"
  Mark Jantzi - "The Blood On The House"
  Burt Asbill - "The Gospel Of The Imminent Return Of Jesus Christ"
  Cecil & Mavis duCille - "What God Is Requiring Of Us"
  Cecil duCille - "The Coming Of The Lord"
  Cecil duCille - "You Are Called To The Kingdom For Such A Time As This"
Tulsa, Oklahoma Nov 19-21, 2004
The Overcomer Series II "We Are Not Ready"
- Bro. Cecil duCille "He That Overcometh"
  "Overcoming Ancestral Spirits"
  "Overcoming Self"
  "The Overcomer"

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Dubuque, Iowa February 16-17, 2002
- Bro. Cecil duCille   02/16/02 - "Keep Your Lamps Burning"
  02/16/02 - "The Sound of the Abundance of Rain"
  02/17/02 - "The Communion of The Saints"