December, 1997

On July 4-6 of this year, at the Convention in Mahomet, Illinois, several things were coming forth concerning the Word of God for this time. Much of what was shared in those meetings is included in this issue. We begin with the two part message, "Dead Men Walking" given on the first day by Cecil duCille.




     Praise the Lord, brethren. We thank God for bringing us here through so many days of problems, days of suffering, and days of hope. We have been brought by the Spirit of God from many circumstances that could have been disastrous for us from accidents that did not happen. Some of us have been brought through accidents.

     I was touched by the prayer of brother Femi when he thanked God for the little things, for the bread that we get to eat, for the sun that shines. It was kind of a revelation to see that sometimes we take God for granted. Just because we have these things so freely, we never seem to realize that we need to thank God for them.

A messenger is not supposed to be the message. A messenger is a boy that runs with a word or with a sealed package that is given to him by somebody else to somebody else. And somehow or the other we seem to forget that the person who is carrying the message is not the subject. We turn around and look at the messenger and we express our opinions of him, and how we did not like how he looked, we did not like how he behaved, and so and so; and we miss the message! I am begging you, in the Name of Jesus, not to miss the message today!

If I should speak and you do not really feel it, then there is no problem, it was not sent to you. This is the problem that we are facing: people are coming against us because they say that we said this and we said that. On the other hand, the word that somebody is coming against you for is the same word that someone else is thanking God for.

They are saying it blessed and delivered them. So, if the messenger does not understand or remember where he got the message, he will get confused: because here is a set of people praising God for the message, and there is another set out there who are saying, "Hey, that is your own word! That was not God at all!" So, if you do not know where you stand, you had better not carry any message, because you are going to get confused. I have seen many a messenger knocked out of the race completely, because he got confused by his ears.

     Now, the word that I speak to you, I want you to carefully assess how you received it, that while the word is going forth, there is an "anointing." By "anointing," we mean that the Spirit of God is touching each person here. The Spirit of God is touching your minds and He is saying something to you.

     And so, remember how you have received the word. Paul spoke of it, that you must remember how you received it, because when you step out of here, there are some agents that come into play. These are agents of deception, agents of the Devil, thieves!

Do you know where the chief thief lives?
The chief thief lives inside of you!
The chief thief of the word of God is in your mind:
human reason!
Logic says, "Well, if this is this, then this is supposed to be that." [With logic] you will come to a "logical" conclusion which may turn out to be a lie.

Have you ever                                      
heard of a logical                             
conclusion being a lie?                 

You have a person saying,
   "Jesus Christ is the son of Mary. Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ. But, Jesus Christ is God, and therefore (quod erat demonstrandum) Mary is the mother of God."
            The conclusion is a lie,
            because God was before Mary,
            and God made Mary, so
Mary could not be God's mother.
But logic says, "Yes!"

     That which is "true" is not always "truth." Truth is Christ! It may be true that a brother cheated on his income tax, but publishing the fact does not glorify God. It is not truth.

     So, we should understand that Matthew 13:4 says that there are some black birds that come in and pick out the seed. The word is in the mind, delivered by the messenger, but the black birds come in and take away the seed.

     I have known some people who act as these black birds. Read Leviticus 11 and you will find out that when it makes mention of predator birds, it is referring to people.

     Birds defy the forces of gravity and fly above earth, so they are a type of spiritual people. [This chapter] mentions the hawk, the cuckoo, and the eagle; and of these birds it says, "Do not eat them!"

     The word "eat" in Scripture means "become one with." In John 6, Jesus said, "Eat Me...For My flesh is meat indeed, and My blood is drink indeed." So, when you eat Jesus, you become "one" with Jesus.

Leviticus 11 tells us not to eat the cuckoo or the hawk because these birds are birds of prey. He said, "Do not eat the owl," because the owl is a bird that sees in the darkness but cannot see in the light.

     If you want your fortune to be told and you go to a fortune teller, he is going to tell you all the wonderful things that will happen to you; and he will go back into your past to surprise you; and then you will say, "He must be true! He must be true because he told me about my past!"
           That does not mean it is true,
      because devils know about your past.
They were right there when you were sinning, and can tell anybody they want to the things about your past, but that does not mean that they are true.

      You may reason that since he has told you all about your past, that it is okay to listen to him; and he goes on to tell you something about your future. If somebody prophesies something that is not of God, and you believe it, it may come to pass, but the Word of God says that you must not eat these owls because they can see in the darkness but they cannot see in the light. In the light of Jesus Christ they cannot see.

     I noticed that Jeanne Dixon published [predictions] in the beginning of this year of those who are going to get married,
those who are going to die,
and those who are going to divorce;
but she did not publish that she was going to die. That is because she did not know!
She could see a lot of things in the darkness,
but she could not see one iota about Jesus Christ and His blood!

     Matthew 13 says that the Word will fall on a certain soil, and it will spring up strong and powerful; but when the sun comes up, it withers and dies. Why? Because it was on "stony" ground. If your heart is a stony place and it does not have any depth of earth, you will not be able to bring forth fruit.

     What do we mean when we speak of "fruit" coming from the Word? Fruit is when you hear the Word of God, and the Word of God changes you inside! If the Word of God does not change you, it is wasted word.

     Now the Word says (I am still quoting Matthew 13) that there is another seed that "fell among thorns," and presently it grew strong and beautiful, but the thorns were also growing and then the thorns grew up and "choked" the Word.                      It brought forth no fruit.

     What does it mean?
          Do you have a thorny heart?
              You came here today to get a blessing,

                     and as the word goes forth you
                         receive it with gladness.
                              Your heart witnesses that it is                 the truth, but you have some unfulfilled                 business with somebody who you have                      hated bitterly. You just cannot love                           that person.
                             That is a thorn!
It will grow up and choke the Word, and you will not be able to live a Christian life and grow in the Spirit, and you will wonder,
     "Why am I not growing in the Spirit?"
It is because there is a thorn bush growing in your life.

     The thorn might be something else. It might be a love affair. I hate to call it love. It is not really love at all. It is an "emotional disfunction." You have an emotional disfunction wherein you think you are in love with somebody; and it continues and it disrupts your life.

It disrupts the life of God inside of you, so that when you receive the Word of God you cannot bring forth fruit. There is something wrong in the emotions.

     Another thing I noticed is that the young people do not seem to have the "will" to serve God. You know, when we were singing a while ago, the Spirit of God just blessed me when we sang the words,

          "Thou lovest righteousness and hatest         wickedness...."
Do you hate wickedness?
Do you really, really hate wickedness?
Do you hate wickedness so much that you say, "God I do not want to have anything to do with wickedness! If this thing is wickedness I will not do it!"

A little white lie, we call it. Wickedness! A "yellow" lie; a "pink" lie; a "blue" lie, ...whatever.
     It is wickedness!
          We give it all kinds of names,
               but it is wickedness!                            
                    Just a little bit of dishonesty here;                                         just a little deception there.
You say a word that is meant to deceive the other person to make the person think so and so, but it is not what you meant. And you say, "I spoke the truth!" Sure! You did speak the truth, but you fixed it in such a way that it deceives the other person. It is wickedness!

He "loveth righteousness and hateth wickedness!" I say, "My God, I love righteousness! I hate wickedness! Let me hate it more! Let me hate it! Let me so despise it, that if I am touched by it I must get cleansed immediately!"

     You take up a sheep and throw him into the mud, and he gets up and he is uncomfortable; and he is rubbing himself everywhere trying to find some way to get the mud off of him. He is not a mud creature; but you take a pig and you throw him in the mud, and he rolls over and says, "Thank you." He loves it! He could stay there all day. He has a different nature. God loves righteousness and He hates wickedness!

Turn with me to Isaiah 35:8-9.

"And a highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein. No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it shall not be found there; but the redeemed shall walk there."

I want to talk to you about something very peculiar, a very peculiar topic, "Dead men walking."
I got up out of my sleep and the Spirit said to me, "Dead men walking," and it brought a whole world of understanding to me, that, in our midst, around us,
there are living people who are dead while they live.

     The "way" that God has shown us is a way where "...fools shall not err therein." Do you know what that means? Have you ever been lost, and you keep wandering around, and suddenly you find yourself on the right road? God said that will not happen in this business. When you are stumbling, you are not going to find the way of God. No fools shall err therein.

     "The fool hath said in his heart there is no God" (Psalm 15:1, 53:1). That is the Biblical description of a "fool." So, for fear you are thinking I am calling anybody a "fool" that the Bible did not call a "fool," let me just straighten you out right now. The person who says in his heart that "...there is no God" is a fool!

A man told a story.
He said he was praying for his cousin and this cousin was a Christian, but he was being tempted severely.

And one day while he was praying, Jesus came to him that night and said, "Come with me."

And when he went with Jesus he found himself in the man's bedroom with Jesus standing beside him and angels standing around.
He saw demonic angels also, and they were tempting this man to commit a sin, and the man was resisting.
Sometimes, the angels of God would whisper in his ears and he would get strength and resist; and other times the devil came and tempted him and the man fell into the sin.
The angels covered their faces, but Jesus was standing right there!

     If you think you can make any plan, do anything, talk about anybody-and do it in secret - you are crazy! You do not believe God! God is standing right there looking at you! You make a secret plan, you have what we call a "conspiracy," "Let us do so and so; and let us do so and so...." Sometimes it is [something you are just thinking out] in your mind. Jesus is standing there looking at you, hearing you, and you think it is a secret plan! You do not believe God!

     Brethren, I am asking you to believe God: to believe that God sees your innermost being, every particle of your being, every concept that you have; and that you should go before God in sackcloth and repentance, and every time you go to pray, say, "Lord God, forgive me of all these secret thoughts." We are not seeing you. We are holding you up as "high, beautiful Christians." God knows who you are!

Yes! "No fools... No lion...shall go therein." Lions: those who are chewing flesh; who are eating up people; who are big and powerful and strong. God has none of them on this highway. This highway is called the "highway of holiness" and only the "redeemed" can walk there.

I said to you that the Lord spoke to me about "Dead men walking,"
     but I am not supposed to say anything to you that is not scriptural;
          and if you ever hear me say something that is not scriptural,
               call me down on the mat right away!
                    To call me down, you do not have to be disrespectful.
                         Just call me down.
                              You do not have to be disrespectful.
There are some people who are obnoxious and disrespectful.
     I believe the reason is that they are disrespectful to God!
          Just say, "Brother Ces, you are wrong.
               The Bible does not say it is so."

     Do you know that the Body is supposed to correct the ministry? We are messengers of God, and we are supposed to bring you the word of the Lord God. If we bring anything else, talk to us about it. Do you know why?

     We want to be perfect, but we are not yet perfect. Our holiness is only in the Holy Ghost. Outside of the Holy Ghost there is no holiness.

     My mother was the greatest woman I have ever known. She had seven boys. She said, "You see your father. I do not want one of you to be like him." But, she made us respect him. We respected that man; we loved him! When he comes in, everybody is fighting to take off his boots, to clean his boots. When he was in bed (he was a railway engineer and he would come in sometimes only once a month), we would tiptoe so as not to wake him up. "No, no, no, no! Mama will fix you!"

We read 1 Timothy 5:6, "But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth." So then, I am not too far wrong then if I say that she is a "dead man walking." There are some people who are dead and yet they live.

     Let me tell you a story here that you know very well. There was a man [who was king over Israel] named Saul. Remember that man? God called him, anointed him, and gave him power to overcome the enemies of God, but the man began to be disobedient; and the prophet went to him, but he never submitted.

     When David sinned, the prophet went to him (2 Samuel 12:7) and told him the story about this rich man having a big fold of sheep; and the poor man having just one little sheep, which was taken by the rich man to feed his visiting friends. When David heard this, he was incensed and was ready to punish this man right away. Then the prophet said, "Thou art the man!" David fell down before him and said, "Oh God, forgive me!" He did not resist, but confessed his guilt.

On the other hand, Saul insisted that he had done what God told him to do; but that it was the people that saved the King and the fatest cattle. The prophet said to him, "You are finished! The Kingdom is taken away from you and will be given to another. You are no longer King." [See 1 Samuel 15:20-26].

     It is amazing, however, that for many years after that, Saul still reigned! He was a "dead man walking." He was dead! He was finished, but he continued to go on. And God said that there are some in our midst who are walking among the living, but they are dead. You can bet nobody will shout for that. We need to get dead serious with God, because there are the seeds of death in our midst!

     Let us read some more Scriptures. Proverbs 21:16, "The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding he shall remain in the congregation of the dead."

There is a congregation that is called
     "the congregation of the dead."
          The Word says, "he shall remain...."
               That means that he was there before,
                    and that there is a "congregation of
                        the living",
                    and there is a "congregation of the
               dead." And God said "the congregation
         of the living" should not fellowship with "the
    congregation of the dead."

     Some are accusing me, saying, "He is always talking about the Greek. We do not know Greek!" You had better know Greek! Your Bible was written in Greek and in Hebrew. The reason why I started studying any Greek at all was because I started speaking Greek words in tongues, and I found out that God was talking to me and I had to look these words up to find out what they meant!

     When I came on here to Champaign, we once had a meeting for a whole month and more; and the Lord led me to the University here to take Hebrew. When I went home and began to talk to my brother about the Hebrew, I found out that he had taken Hebrew in the University where he was and that he had gained a doctorate in Hebrew. This made me glad, for I knew he would be able to see for himself some of the truths the Lord gave me.
     We could now discuss the "rapture" on a different level, and he confirmed many of the truths which are hidden from those who only read the English translations.

     We should understand that we are dealing with a translated thing, an English version of the Bible. God said that "knowledge shall be increased" (Daniel 12:4), and if knowledge is increasing we should "increase" also. We should not sit back and say, "Oh, Paul preached from the King James; Jesus preached from the King James; and I am not going to believe anything else but the King James!" That is what one brother told us in Marin City.

Jesus preached from the Hebrew.                         
Did you know that?                                         
Jesus never spoke Greek,                          
and He never spoke English.                
Jesus spoke in Hebrew,                
and from the Hebrew              
they translated it to Greek.

     The reason is that, at that time, the learned people who put the Bible together were Greek scholars. Paul spoke in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. This is the reason why Paul was in such a position that he could understand much more than some of the other brethren.

     Now, Peter only spoke Hebrew; and James and John were fishermen and they did not have any learning. Luke and Matthew knew Greek and Latin, and Hebrew.

     So, do you understand what we are dealing with? God used these men to put the Word together; and you had better believe that, with the increase of knowledge, God wants us to understand a little of what the Greek is saying, and what the Hebrew is saying.

     What we are going to do is to have a Greek class here and call the young people from everywhere to come, and we are going to teach them Greek and Hebrew.

     For we are not going to remain down there any more-we are going to arise in the things of God! Alleluiah! God is not against knowledge. In other words, God does not exalt ignorance. God is not a God of ignorance. He is not going to bless you for your ignorance.

There are two words. The word translated church is the Greek word "ekklesia", and that word means "called out." So the ekklesia are those who are the "called out." Now, if you are "called out," you must be called out of "somewhere" to "somewhere."

     You are called out of sin to an assembly of people who are walking in the Lord. So then, everybody here is belonging to the "called out"

     [But, there is another important Greek word: "eklektos", translated into English as "elect" or "chosen."] In Matthew 22:11-13, we are told about a certain man who was "cast out"; and after that we are told, "For many are called (ekklesia), but few are chosen (eklektos)."

     We are told in Matthew 24:22 that, "...but for the elect (eklektos) flesh would be saved." What is that? He said that, but for the "eklektos" sake, that no human life, or plant life, or animal life would be left on earth! The earth would be a dead planet like Mars or the moon.

     What are we talking about? God said that something is going to happen down here that would destroy all living creatures and destroy life from off the earth-but for a people who will stand in the way!

     It means that there are some people who are specially anointed to stand in the breach and to stand in the forefront; and God called them the eklektos.

     If you are among that people, God will let you know. I asked God how would I know you, for there is no mark on the people of God. "How will I know those to whom You sent me?" I am telling you that God told me, and when I say God told me, I do not mean that I dreamt it.

     Sometimes God tells you things in a dream, but I mean to say that God stood before me and told me. He said, "Do not worry. You will know them, for they will receive the word that I have sent to them through you."

     Somebody is asking, "So then, Ces, is it only you that has this word?" "What about the other people?" Brethren, haven't you heard this kind of question? Is it I alone that has this word? The question is infra dig [beneath one's dignity].

     It belittles God. Even to ask the question is a belittling of God. You should have the answer in your heart. What kind of God do you have? A God so small that He takes one little man somewhere in the back woods and calls him and says, "You alone have the word now. Everybody has to bow to you."
     That is nonsense!
          That is exactly what God does not want! 
              That is exactly what God is against!
                   God is against any one man having 
                   the whole word.
                        For if any one man has the whole
                        word everybody would be bowing
                        to that one man.
     It would be counterproductive,
     in that the man would usurp Christ.
     He would usurp Him-the very God that he is preaching!

     I remember a story I heard about Branham, and it always impressed me, where Branham was standing one day talking with brother Sonmore, and two brethren came to the door and knocked and said that they wanted to say a word to him. When they came in, they said, "Brother Branham, we have a great revelation!" And Branham said, "What is it?" They fell down on their knees and said, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the most high God!" And Branham bawled. I understand that he threw himself down to the ground, and said, "Take my life, God! The very thing that I am against has caught up with me."

I went into a Branham church down near Columbus, Ohio; and they had a two by three foot picture of Branham up there on the wall behind the podium, and beside it a picture of Jesus that was of the same size. Oh God, I was so grieved! I was so grieved. I tried to speak to them, but they just hear with one ear.

     You know what that means? The man had so much power, that I believe that God had to take him out of the way, because the people will believe in the power more than in God. They will take their eyes off Jesus Christ and they will look at the one man; and they will believe in the one man more than in the Lord.

In my speaking with Jesus Christ, in the days when He called me, God showed me that the word He was giving me was nothing but raw food. People do not eat raw food, and He showed me that there was the people of God who would receive the word: who would be the cooks in the kitchen, and who would prepare the food to give to the young ones and to the adults. That message is still the word of the Lord. You are the people who will take the raw food.

     Remember you must have a base, and the food must come from God. The problem with the churches is that the food that is being divided now comes from the seminaries that have concocted poisonous material out of the Word of God to feed God's people.

     I looked at TBN the other night, and what I saw, it is amazing! First of all, they have gone into "rock."

Rock music comes from hell

and it does not matter who says it is good; all those who know God should know that rock comes from hell. Rock is of the Devil. The very beat is satanic!

They have what they call "Christian Rock;"
and if you look at the Christian rockers, unless they tell you that they are Christians you would never know it, because they are carrying on with body language, and their big guitars, and long hair just the same as the world!

     I think they are dreadful. Many of the men have long hair and carry on in their body language like the world singers do. I think they are most dreadful-awful, terrible, despicable-but they think it is beautiful. Their minds love the world. But the Word of the Lord, therefore, that is coming to us today, is coming to a people who are separated from the world.

     We have always taught that there are three sections in the Church: there is the "Outer Court," there is the "Holy Place," and there is the "Holy of Holies." None of these three sections is a campground! We have no right to set up camp in any one of these until we reach the final beacon of our salvation: The Ark of the Covenant! Until we get there, there is no camping, no resting!

If we know this to be the truth,
why then would we want to go to
those who camp there,
except to preach to them?
We are not separated from
them in such a way that
we do not preach to them;
but we should never think
that we should admit
and submit to their transgression,
for it is a transgression not to grow in God!

If you had a child, and that child
just remains a small child for the
next ten years, you would be worried!
You would be in trouble, and you
would know that something is wrong!
You cannot be teaching people that
they should be like a child that does not grow? You must grow! You must grow in God,
and if there is a group of people that
never grows in God, you cannot be a part of them.

     When I take communion with you, it is three of us taking communion together: God, and you, and I. If I take this cup, [this bread], and give it to you, I am saying, "This is my body." Jesus said it, that you are partaking of the Body of Christ; but there is something between you and me: there is a Covenant.
I am entering into covenant relationship with you whether I know it or not.

     If I go down to the Baptist Church and take the communion with the Baptist Church, then I am covenanting with them! I am saying, "I am 'one' with you." But if the whole Baptist Church comes up here and takes communion with us, we will accept them without guilt, because they must examine themselves before they take a cup we offer.

     What is the difference?
The difference is that if you take
this cup "unworthily" you drink
"damnation" unto yourself, "not discerning the Lord's body" (1 Corinthians 11:29).
When you discern the Body of Jesus Christ,
you are free to take communion with the
Body of Jesus Christ.

     What does it mean by "discern" anyhow? I am talking about somebody accepting the God in somebody else. If you take communion with me, and then say that because I speak in tongues I have a devil, then you take damnation to yourself.

     I have a job to do and the job is carpentry. And I say, "Well, I studied carpentry; I have as much a right to do the job of carpentry as anybody else." So, I jump at it! I lack understanding! I must call the carpenter! Do you understand what I am saying? I am talking about the Body of Christ.

Somebody believes that the Body of Christ means to say that every
Dick, Tom, and brother Harry
must jump up, and talk, and give this,
and give that, and say this.... No!
That is not the Body of Christ!
That is confusion!
The Body of Christ is Christ!

     What do you mean? It means that Christ motivates the Body of Christ. If Christ picks up this little girl and says to her, "You sing," or "You pray," or "You preach," then we all say, "Amen," for we hear Jesus. But, we do not go around saying, "Well, you know, everybody is doing something, I ought to do something too." That is the Old Order Church.

     [I will tell you of the Old Order Church]:
          When a sister decides to start going
               to a prayer meeting down the
                   road, and the pastor hears
                         about it, and that
                    those people are teaching
               her something different, she is
          told, "Okay, sister we have decided to
     make you head of the choir. Will you accept?"
               And she sees it as such a "glorious"
                   honor that she agrees
                        immediately! And they
                    (the ministers) see to
               it that she is busy, and they
          whisper among themselves and say,
     "Kick her upstairs."

     Haven't you heard that phrase before, "Kick her upstairs"? It means to give her a big position to keep her busy, so that she does not go to that prayer meeting down there any more. Do everything to hold her. They have psychology (Loose!) ...the psycho devil.

     Psychology has turned into "demonology." I do not know if you understand it. Psychology is the science of the mind; it is man studying the mind of man. Remember that God made the mind, so there is no greater psychologist than God. But, when Freud and others started teaching psychology, they cut God out of it! [The very fact] that they cut God out of it, is the first thing by which you can know that the psychology that you learn at school is no good! God is supposed to motivate the mind of the Christian; and whatever you see in man, it is supposed to have been shown you by God.

     Let me tell you something, without exposing myself too much, although you might be looking right at me. Physiognomy is a part of psychology which we call "body language." Now, I do not want to lay out too much here, so let me see if I can give you what I want to give you without giving you what I do not want to give you.

     A man comes up here and he has certain "marks" on his face. You can know what he is participating in by the marks that he has on his face. Certain sins mark your face. If you study that part of psychology, you are able to look at a person and right away you sum him up. Remember, you are summing him up here according to your knowledge of what man is. But, what does God says about that? God says, " looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7).

     A man has been "so and so" all his life and his face is as marked as it could be, and the signs of what he is is on his face. But Jesus Christ saved him last night, and you, using your psychology, judge him from knowledge. Who is wrong?

     We are talking about righteousness and holiness. Holiness has nothing to do with psychology. And I am telling you-those of you who are studying and have to do psychology-God help you! God help you! You need to get out of it as fast as possible.

     Let us look at Jude 1-3, "Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to them that are sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, and called (ekklesia-He is talking to the Church): Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, be multiplied. Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."

     That means to say there was a pristine faith,
a pure faith that was "once delivered,"
     and the thing has been eroded and disfigured
by man and by time. You must "contend"! Fight
     for it! Search for it! Go after it!

     He said in Verses 4-5, "For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not."
               Do you understand that?
               Only two people of those
               who came from Egypt entered
               the promised land. Because
               of sin, God destroyed them
               all in the wilderness.

     Verses 6-7, "And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire."

     Sodom and Gomorrah are no worse than New York, and Chicago, and San Francisco, and Miami, and many more.
Do you hear me?
Sodom and Gomorrah is "child's play"
compared to some of the things
that are going on right
here in our midst in this world
in which we live.
So, do you think God is
going to apologize to
Sodom and Gomorrah for
what He did to them?
Can you imagine what is
going to happen down
here? Can you imagine why
God wants a people
to stand in the breach?
Let me tell you, there
would no flesh be saved
if not for the elect-If
here is not a holy people
who can stand before
God like Moses stood
before God and said, "Lord
God, do not kill them!
Kill me, but save them!"

     God wants somebody to stand up! He does not want everybody to be falling down flat. And what is happening is that the Church has completely fallen down. They have dance festivals, they are carrying on with all different kinds of unholy and ungodly things.

     Do not be fooled by what you see going on in the Church. Last week, Holyfield went to fight Tyson, and the brethren went down in prayer. Did you hear that? Now, if you are praying for one man to knock down another, is it God? Could it be God? No way! Then how come a part of the Church was praying for Holyfield to beat Tyson, and they come and prophesy over Holyfield..., and it turned out, in the fight, poor Tyson got up and bit him! Tyson could not help himself, he was so frustrated.

The Church is going a whoring after Baal.
The Bible says it is sorcery!
If you are praying for a man to knock down the other man, it is not God!
Tell anybody I say so!
It is not God!
If God is not hearing your prayers,
then who is answering it?
The Devil!

     There are men [in the churches now] who will tell you, "Alright. All you people here, stand up. I am going to give you the power, the anointing..."; and he gestures with his hand and blows down everybody. Have you seen that on your television? Now tell me brethren, is this working repentance in the people, or a turning to God? No! I watched them, and they come back the next night and get blown down again. Yes!

I remember when I first started in the ministry and the first time I got up in a church to preach. As I began to minister, the whole church fell down, and they could not get up from the floor. For two hours they were there moaning and confessing their sins before God. I did not tell them to confess their sins. I was frightened. I did not know what happened. I see people on the floor, but souls were blessed and saved.

     It happened to me again three times after that in my ministry. I came in one night, very tired, running for about ten miles to get to the service on time. We had no vehicles in those days, and sometimes we had to run. This brother and I were running to get to service, and [no sooner] did we get in there panting, the moderator said, "Oh, here is brother duCille, let him preach now."

     I felt too tired to preach.
I said, "Well, you people,
you know what I am going to say,
and I just want you to repent right now;"
and the people started heckling
me and laughing at me.
One little lady in front got up,
because she was the joker
in the midst, and she was,
you know, entertaining everybody.
They laughed me to scorn;
but the more they laughed
the more the Spirit grew
in me, and I knew
God was going to do something.
I said, "Well, can I pray for you?"
She said, "Yes Sir! Praise the Lord!"
in a humorous tone.
I put my hand on her,
and she screamed and hit
the floor; and when she did,
the whole congregation went
"BRRRRRM" down to the floor!

     It was shocking to me, but it happened another night, and so people began to be afraid now. I began to go around, and everybody I touched, I expected them to drop. (The thing began to teach me a wrong doctrine!)

     It was God those times, and the Spirit of God does slay people at times, but then it went to my head. Every time I touched somebody, if the person did not drop, I would go home and repent, and ask God what was wrong with me.

     One day, God came to me. He said, "Now, tell Me, what do you want? Do you want to humiliate the people to make them drop on the floor, or do you want to bless them? Which one do you prefer?"

     I said, "Oh God, you know that I want to bless them!" God said, "Well, then stop expecting them to fall down, and pray that they will be blessed." I started praying that people be blessed, and I began to see all kinds of blessings happening in my ministry; but the "knock down" stopped and only in rare cases (when God wanted it) was there a knock down.
                    The Devil would not do
          anything which God did not do first.

     On the other hand, I am a Jamaican, and I traveled through the length and breadth of Jamaica in the dark places; and in those places I got to know some sorcerers. You do not know any sorcerer. Most of the people who claim that they are witches and all like that, they are just playing. [I will tell you of one who was] a real one.

     He did not do any "mumbo jumbo" stuff. He just spoke the word and it happened. I happened to see him speak against some people who had disturbed him. They jumped into their car to leave, and he spoke a word against the car to "turn over." The car went up in the air and [Boom!] They had to take them all to the hospital. He said, "Serve you right!"

I happened to see a coven of witches in this country.
Some of you are saying,
"Oh, it is only in those dark
places like Jamaica that these things happen."
(I know you-you sophisticated Americans!)
"That cannot happen here!"
But, I am telling you what happened
up in Lima, Ohio.

     In Lima there is a group there that we used to minister to. There was a coven of witches in the same town. They were what we call Satanists. There are many, many different types of satanic people. Some do one type of thing, and the others do another type of thing. This one, they drink blood and they make sacrifices. We suspect they make human sacrifices at certain times, but they drink blood.

     They were against this group of Christians where we ministered; and they were always talking about putting a spell on them, and this, and that, and the other. But the brethren were strong, and they could not manage them.

     It was several years ago now, that they had a Full Gospel Businessmen's Convention in Detroit. This group of Christians decided to go to this convention, and when they went there, lo and behold, who did they see sitting down in the row before them? The coven of witches from Lima! They were sitting in the Full Gospel Businessmen's Convention meeting.

     Now, the brother got up, as you know they do in Full Gospel Businessmen's meetings, and said, "All right, everybody turn around and lay hands on the person beside you. Lay your hands on them."

     And the witches stood up as one man and began to lay hands on the people, and the people began to fall. And the brethren began to line up. You know there are some women who love to get zapped.

     They will go and get knocked down today, and come back tomorrow; and they will go around and come back to the back of the line to get some more. Well, they began to lay hands, and believe you me, everybody they laid hands on hit the floor!

     Now tell me something? What were the brethren getting? What were they getting? God? No! They were being zapped by the Devil; and it happened until the brethren from Lima got excited and ran up to the leader of the meeting and said, "Look at what is happening! These are witches!"

     The leader would not believe the brethren, and so the witches had a heyday knocking them down. The brethren had no discernment, and they allowed that to happen.

Let us go on. Jude 8-11, "Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities. Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee. But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves. Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Korah."

We are talking here about people who turn upon God's people and slaughter them with their lips.

     Now, let us go to 1 Timothy 5:1, "Rebuke not an elder, but entreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren."

We have some people who have no understanding.
They feel they can march
up to those whom God has anointed and to
call them by their name. "DuCille! You are
this, and you are a liar, and you are that...."
It cannot be done. It shall not be done in
our midst. The Word says that you cannot do
it, even to your brethren who are not elders.
There is downright disrespect of those whom
God has anointed in your midst. There should
be an awesome love for them, because this is
what God's order is, that some people will
be anointed for one thing, and some people
for the other thing, and anybody who is
faithful-God has a place for you in the Body!

     Let us go to 2 Timothy 3:1, "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come...." Now, we are in the last days, and we are in perilous times. We are in perilous times. In other words, we are no longer reading, "...perilous times shall come," but we are saying, "perilous times have come!" Why? Verse 2, "For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy."

     Some people have been disobedient to their parents and they have never repented [of their rebellion]. They come to the church, they accept Jesus, and Jesus touches them and anoints them, and they still have the rebellion inside them! Get rebellion out! You cannot be part of the Firstfruits Company with rebellion.

     I do not know if you understand,
but there are certain things that you
can have in your life, and they do not
disqualify you as a Christian since
Christians are not perfect people,
but there are certain things that will
disqualify you from being a part of the
Firstfruits Company. God is making an
army to stand up under very severe
circumstances and eventually give their
lives for the Church! The Church cannot
stand as it is, because it is incorporated
with sin-sins of different types. The
present day Church cannot stand in the
final battle, therefore God is taking some
people out, and He calls them the "elect."
They are the eklektos: the "called out" of the
"called out." And He is molding them, beating
them together, beating them into shape!

     Have you been beaten? Well, you need some more. You believe me, if you think you have been hit or you have been beaten, you are going to have some more, in order that you might be that people!

When we talk about a person not being able to make it, we are not talking about the case where you are not going to be saved. We have nothing to say about that. You are already saved, but you can be a Christian and not be a part of the Firstfruits Company. There are many people in the different churches out there who are saved people, but they are the people that we will have to fight for in the Spirit! If everybody falls down, God said, " flesh would be saved!"

     I thought I was very clear. I hear that so many people misunderstand me and misquote me, saying that I say this and say that, and say the other. I am just so sorry for my brethren who can sit down under the anointed word of God, hear it, and then go away and say something else.

The Word of God says that there is a people,
     and though we are not there yet,
          I will call them the "Holy of Holies" people.
               (You will forgive me, to call them the Holy of Holies people?)
          You are designated to be there.
     You are not there yet! God has called us to the "Holy of Holies," and we are to be molded,
     and beaten, and bruised until we rise above
          the normal, human, natural concept!
     We are going to rise in our minds!
          We are going to rise in our spirits!
               We are going to rise in our souls,
               into heavenly places!
          Oh yes! I am not a commoner,
          because I do not want to be!
          I do not have it in me.
          I want to be like Jesus Christ!

     2 Timothy 3:1, "...perilous times shall come." These people are, "...without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good...." Let me explain something here to you. These qualities have been in the human race for a long time, but God is talking about an overflow of them.

     "...Without natural affection...."
     Recently we heard in the News of a girl who wanted to go to a school prom,
although she was pregnant and
ready to have a baby. She went
into the bathroom and had the baby,
killed it, and then she went back
to dance in the prom! I am afraid
to say it is a "brute" nature, because
even the brute would not do that!
The brute would take care of her
young ones. But, there is what the
Bible calls "beast." The beast
is being birthed in the earth, and let
me make you understand that the
beast is being birthed in the minds
of the people. It is on different planes,
on different levels. It is on the natural plane;
it is on the spiritual plane; and it is even
in a higher level!

     So this beast nature is a nature without affection. Can you imagine a lion tearing someone to pieces and eating the choice parts, and then afterwards weeping that he is sorry he did it? You see a lion weeping, and you ask him what he is weeping for? He is sorry he just ate a man? No! He is happy. He has satisfied his hunger. And so God is saying in our time we are going to have people-human beings-like in 2 Corinthians 15:32, where Paul says he "...fought with beasts at Ephesus after the manner (similitude) of men." They were human brute beasts!

     Now, let us continue in 2 Timothy 3, and reading from Verses 2-4: "For men shall be... trucebreakers, false accusers, ...traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God."

Not long ago a man was being designated
to be the Chief of Staff at the White House.
The man had an impeccable record except
that 18 years ago he committed adultery,
and it was in the process of his being
divorced. They used that against him.
He is not a Christian.

     How dare any of you use anything against any Christian way down from before he was a Christian? There is a spirit that wants to vilify and to go after people, and to dig into their past in order to destroy them!

     God is saying that they are "...trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof...." He was talking about Christians "having a form of godliness...."

You might be vexed with me if I tell you what comes to me. You want to hear it? You want to be vexed? They were "denominational." They had a form, they had a method of worshipping God, but they deny the power of God to save, to bless, to heal, to deliver, to cleanse. You know what He said about them? "...From such turn away." God is saying that there are some people you have to turn away from. I want you to get it straight, brethren. Get it very straight!

I was called of God way down there in the 1940's, and I was preached to by some brethren from the denominational church. They came to me and said,
     "How can you say you are of God,
     and you withdraw from us?
     Would God have somebody else
     by himself out there?"

Because of the humility of my own soul,
I felt that there was some validity to what they were saying; because how could God have somebody out there, and have His Church here? (With the exception that God was at that moment drawing people out of the Church unto Himself.) I was never in the Church, so I did not know. I went and joined them. God gave us a vision, but we interpreted it wrongly, and so we went and joined the Pentecostal Church.

We were there, and
     we were beaten;
          we were bruised;
               we were lied upon;
                    we were cheated;
                name it?
                              We did not know that
                                   there were such
                                        crimes and sins inside
                                              of the Church
                                                    until we went
                                                         on the

     Finally, God began to do something in my life that was peculiar. I would go out there and start a meeting; and there would be revival and people would be saved. Many people would be saved, and the power of God would work; but when I came back to the church I would not have any offering. No tithes, no offerings. Of course, they were working on me, because I refused to ask for any offering. I refused to beg for money for this concert, and for that, and for the other.

The church leaders were against me, and so I went to God. I said, "God, I am distressed!" My shoes had a big hole (I should say two holes) in the bottom, and the hot asphalt was burning me while I walked proudly down the street. And I said, "My God, what are you doing to me?" This was after eight years, you know? I am talking about eight years of suffering.

     And the Lord said to me, "Alright, let us reason. If you were working for your government, what would your government do for you? If you were a soldier in the army?" I began to name out shoes, clothes, food, subsistence for my wife and the children going to school, and everything else. And God said, "Yes. Now you tell me, is your government more righteous than your God?"

     I said, "No, God. My government is not righteous at all." He said, "Well don't you see then that there is a reason-that something is wrong?" I said, "Yes, God! Something is wrong!" And I know God is not wrong, so I know the wrong is back here, but I do not know what it is!

     He told me a short little sentence. He said, "For the past eight years you have left Me. You have not been working with Me." I said, "What! God, I have given up my whole life. I have given up my profession-everything-to work for You; and You say that I have not been working for You for eight years! Who have I been working with?" He said, "You have been working with the Church."

     "The Church?" I did not know,
up to that point, that the Church
was not working with God. I honestly
did not know. So I said, "So, God,
then what should I do?" God said,
"You know what to do."

     Before the argument got cool,
before reason came in, before
any of those black birds came
in and disturbed that word,
I wrote my resignation and
rushed it off to the bishop.
The bishop said, "I am glad
you brought in your resignation."
He said, "If you did not
bring it in, I was coming for it."

     Brethren, I have had my experience! I found out that the Church was under bishops, was under district pastors, was under a government that was not God. If you can tell me that the bishops, the district pastors, and all the government (the hierarchy) of the Church is under God, then you need to go there!

     If I am saying anything wrong, I want you to correct me. As a matter of fact, I am going to stop and have a question time for you to come back at me because I must not get away with this kind of thing. I should not be able to talk this kind of thing before a congregation of God's people, in the Name of God, if it is not God!

Do you know why I am giving you the account of this experience?
It is to let you know where I am coming from.
God took me out that very day.
I will show you the righteousness of the Church:
I was in the church parsonage.
I had nowhere [else] to live,
and I said to the bishop,
"Well I need a month or two to relocate,"
and he said, "Get out now!"
He said, "Get out now!"

     Well, I went to my wife and said, "What are we to do?" We had bought a piece of land on the hill, and on the hill there was an old ruin of a house where the slaves had built sometime in the 1800's, but that is all we had.

We moved into the ruins. We got people to help us clean it out, and we put a canvas over the top of the ruined walls; and the family moved in there. We had no place for a refrigerator, and so we left the refrigerator in the parsonage; and they charged me a month's rent for the refrigerator! I am telling you all this that you might understand the righteousness under which we were functioning as a church in those days!

     From that day to this, God began to bless us. In two weeks we had a house built to where we had the outer walls put up (2,500 square feet on one floor). It was a 5,000 square feet house. It was a "Great House" and I do not want to go into the details to tell you how God built it, but I saw trucks coming up with materials and men coming up to work.

     I never called anybody! When the man came up with his crew and started working, I said, "What are you doing? What are you doing?" He said, "Brother duCille, we hear that you are going to build a house." I said, "Me? I never told anybody that." He said, "Listen, brother duCille, we know you. If you want a house, God is going to give you a house; and we want the job, so we have come!" He gave the men orders to start working, and they made short work of cleaning up that place and getting it ready for work.

No materials. No materials! And then God sent materials; and then God sent their pay on Friday evening (I did not have a cent); and it went on until the house was finished. Bless God!

I want you to understand. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." The faith was there, the work was done.

Dead Man Walking Part 2