We begin this month's issue with this word which was delivered by Brother Tom Campbell at the November 1997 Schuyler, Nebraska Convention. The word should be viewed as a prophecy because Brother Campbell is an anointed prophet of the Lord, and did not speak the word from his own mind, but from the prompting of the Spirit of the Lord. Let us take it as food for the soul from heaven. Cecil duCille


Tom Campbell

(Saturday Evening Session)

Turn with me to the book of Revelation, the twelfth chapter, and beginning from the ninth verse. We are glad to be here and to be at this conference. I am sure we all miss the presence of our brother and sister duCille. I did not know they would not be here, but the Lord is here. You are here. The Spirit of God is here. From what I understand, and what I feel in the Spirit, God has been moving in your midst, and I am sure He is going to continue moving in our midst.

Revelation 12:9-11, "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."

In our recent trip to Europe, our trip began in Germany. From Germany we went to England, and from England...we went to Scotland. From Scotland, we ended the journey in Prague.

Before we left America, the Lord had spoken to us in dreams concerning some particular situations and needs that were in Prague. We prayed about it, and the Lord gave us leave to go and to share with the dear ones there the dream and the ministry; and it proved to be of God and to be very fruitful. And we ministered there. We were there for three or four days, and in the last meeting there, on a Sunday morning during the time of worship, a dear sister that attends the fellowship there from time to time, had a vision. We are going to be sharing this vision with you here shortly. But, so accurate, and so precise, and so stirring was this vision that this sister had, that immediately the Lord began to open some things up to myself, which went right along with what was happening there.

Saints, I believe we have come to the final hour. I think we have come to a place in God where it is the time for action. I think we are long overdue for action. I think we should have acted a long time ago, in certain areas. And I think because of our neglect, certain things had gotten out of hand, and certain spirits have entered in and have caused some damage and some confusion. I believe we have come to a place in God where this hour is a very serious time. Our coming together here in Schuyler is not just another yearly gathering, but it is a time when God has been and is going to be speaking to us in a very decisive way.

You know, God never speaks to us unless He anticipates a response; and I think this is the time we need to respond. We cannot just leave this place again and say that that was a good message...that it was a good conference, it was a good word, it was a good prophecy, it was a good revelation...and return back to our abodes just the same as when we left. The complacency that we allow to enter in sometimes is detrimental to us and to the program of God.

I believe that God has a program. I believe God has a purpose in joining us together, not only together as a body, but bringing us together at these particular times and seasons; and we are in the right season. We are in the right time. We are at the right place, and we need to hear; and not just hear, but we need to act. I think we are long overdue for responding.

As the Lord began to speak to us in this meeting in Prague, it kind of culminated our journey in what we were seeing and feeling. And some things, we have been feeling for several years now. I am a very slow fellow in acting and speaking sometimes. Some of my brethren feel that I am too slow. I sometimes think that I am maybe not as slow as I should be, and sometimes I hold back and I wait, and if I get something, I like to get it very clear from God. I do not like to just say something, and it sounds good and it moves the people, but that it is something that is very timely and something that will move us. If it moves me it should move you.

So we wait on God and we observe and we listen; and we have observed things, and we have listened and we have seen things that have happened...that have come, that have gone. We have seen spirits come in. We have seen disgruntlement, and discontent and division. We have seen deception. We have seen a lot of things come into the fellowship and to this body; and as a result, many things have happened in the negative. Some have pulled away. Some have gone their own way. Some have gone back to the way of the flesh...to the beggarly elements; back to the old ways. And some of the things that have happened to us have been our own fault.

I hope I do not sound negative. I am sure that this is not a good way to start ministering, because you are all high and you are all happy, and you are all...you know...just enjoying. And Campbell always has to come along with something that just stirs everything up. But, you see, the ministry of a prophet is to pluck up, to tear down, and to plant again [Jeremiah 1:10]. It is not a ministry of just coming in and prophesying good things all the time, but it is to speak the mind of God; it is to speak the will of God...what is the need for the people...what is our need, Lord, as Your people. And I believe God has spoken to us concerning some things.

So, you know how I minister. I am slow to get around to what I am going to say, but it is finally said in the end. And this is one of those times. I hold back and I wait, and I pray to God that He will give the word to someone else. I pray that He will use someone else. I am content to sit and listen and to receive and be blessed like you are, but that does not always happen that way; and the Lord had to rebuke us recently for our lack of responding, instantly. And we are learning aren't we? Every one of us is learning to respond, aren't we?

Satan is not only the accuser of the brethren, but he is the father of lies; and he is the arch deceiver, and we are well acquainted with his method and means. We are well acquainted with his devices, and there are many ways that he works in our lives and in our midst. But, we are not always aware of it. We are not always conscious of it right away, but, by and by, we begin to get the message. It begins to dawn on us, what is really going on; and behind it all, usually the culprit is Satan. It is not our brother, that has gone haywire, necessarily. It is not our brother or sister, who has become disgruntled or discontent. It is not our brother or sister, necessarily, but it is the spirit that is behind it, that is working to try to deceive, and to destroy, and divide us. And, sometimes if are not careful, we allow the enemy to take advantage of ourselves, and we do not enter in and we do not act...I should say, we do not react when we should react.

And Satan, we know, is the arch deceiver; and deception is born of him. Lies comes from him. Deception comes from him, and the Word says he deceives the whole world. He is the arch deceiver, and you know, when you are being deceived, you do not know you are being deceived. You think that you are right and others are wrong, and therefore you respond differently and you look at things differently. You do not know you are deceived, and because you do not know you are deceived, you are being deceived and you deceive others. Sometimes, when deception comes in, it kind of acts like a chain reaction, and you can rest assuredly that behind it all is Satan. Somewhere, in some corner, in some nook and cranny, Satan is at work. And that is his business: to divide and to conquer. It is his business to separate us, not only one from another, but to separate us from God.

From the very beginning, Satan's method and his plan was to break up the union that Adam and Eve had with God. It was a threat to him. He realized that if they continued to walk with God in the manner that they were, where they were receiving their knowledge...their understanding, their counseling...from God, then one day he would come up. His subject would come up; and the Lord would let them know that he (Satan) has been cast out of heaven: he has lost his position in the heavenly realm; and also, if they went on a little further, they would have found out that they had power over him...they had authority over him. They did not know that, and he knew this; and so, by working his evil work of deception, he came in and he deceived Eve.

You know, a lot of us think that everything that Satan says is a lie, but it is not. He mingles truth with error, and he takes truth and he mixes it up; and he did say to Eve, "God knows when you eat of this, your eyes will be opened and you will be as God." And that was true. "And you will know both good and evil." And that was true. But he did not tell them what the outcome would be. He did not tell them that they would lose that high place in God. He did not tell them that he was going to pull one over on them, and they were not going to be able to come into that place where they would destroy him and defeat his purpose. He did not tell them that; but he did deceive her. She was beguiled. Of course we know that you have to be a willing participant if you are going to be deceived; and that the spirit of deception that he manifests to us is a very strong spirit.

So, this is his method and his means of deceiving us, and deceiving us to a point where it robs us of our strength, and our power, and our position in God. And when he can accomplish this, we are no longer a threat to him; and when we are no longer a threat, he can continue on doing his work and sowing his seeds.

But, I think that in this day we are awakening. Finally, in this hour, we are awakening! We are coming into an awakening time...a time of awakening to true righteousness. And in this awakening period, that God has been shaking us for so long.... He said that He was going to shake all things (the heavens and the earth and everything that can be shaken), and we have been going through a lot of shaking, haven't we? So that, now we are beginning to see some things that we have not seen before. We are beginning to realize for the first time in our lives that we do have power, and authority, and strength over all satanic forces. Alleluiah! I did not say we did not know that before. We have known it a long time, we just have not come into the place where we begin to use that which God has given us.

When Satan fell, he fell from the higher realm into the lower realm. The heavenlies belong to us, and we are made to sit in those places in Christ. But, he (Satan) has entered into those places. He has actually been bold and brash enough to come into those places, and that is where he is wanting to work. He comes to the temple of God to sit there, and be as God. It is his desire to come in and to rule and reign over all the members of our being.

He is not going to do it! God is stopping him at the door, and he is not going to enter in; but he is exerting a lot of influence in these realms that we know as the heavenly realms (I am not talking about some place out there in outer space) ...the spiritual realms. These realms belong to us. When we are born again, and we are baptized by one Spirit, we are baptized into those places. We are made to sit in them. We are raised up with Christ to sit in those places with Him. Satan's plan and desire is to pull us down from that place that we are in; to get us to come back to the lowly place...to the earth realm.

And we have lived in that earth realm, haven't we? We have lived in it. We have lived with this earth a long, long, time; and some of us have become attached to it, and we are attached to certain things of this earth. And because of this, we cannot let go, and that is why there has been such a seesaw in our lives: up and down; in victory/out of victory; defeating the enemy one day...and the next day he is defeating us and having us on the run. So, it has been kind of an "up and down" situation. Come on? Be honest, saints. Amen!

There is a time, a season, where we go through strength, and we really feel now that we have overcome and we really are now in a higher realm, and that we are going to walk and live in that realm; and then something happens! Something still in our earth is there...it is lodged there...it is still there, and it is not gone; and you cannot make it disappear like these magicians attempt to do. You cannot make it disappear. It is still there, and yet it has to be removed!

So then, we either "live with it," or we play the game of, "Let's pretend that it is really not there any more." We say, "It is not there. It is gone. The Lord took it the last meeting...the last place I was...the fellow that laid his hands on me...the one that prophesied.... It's gone! ...Praise the Lord! ...Forever and ever!"

Then about a week, or a month later, it is right back, and we find out it is not gone. It is still there! And, sometimes we question, and we are puzzled and confused about it. And we say, "Well, if God brought us the victory, why is that thing still there?"

You see, Paul wrestled with this thing, didn't he? In Romans 7. "What is that thing that is going on in me? What is this warfare that is going on in my members? I want to do good, and evil is present. I desire to do good, but I do not find the way to accomplish it!" And so, he constantly was in this. But, he found a place, saints! He did find the place of victory. He found the place of overcoming. I believe Paul was an overcomer. I do not believe that he constantly was being bombarded and falling to the enemy's whims and temptations. I believe he came to a place of overcoming. He did come to a place where He knew he made it. He knew he was in!

Moses knew he was in. He said, "Take my name...blot my name out of the Book of Life." He knew he was in! I believe there is a place that God wants to bring us all into, where we know that we are in Christ! I mean permanently! I do not mean "in today and out tomorrow"; "in and out"; and this business! I mean we are in permanently, on a permanent basis, so that every wind of adversity...every wind of doctrine that comes along, we are not tossed to and fro like children any more; but we are rooted and established in Him, and no wind of adversity can move us, or sidetrack us, or defeat us any longer; but He has brought us to a place where we are established! He has brought us there! In Him!

So then, God began to deal with us, and I have much more to say tonight. One evening, about a week or so ago, as I was waiting on the Lord...and you know...as far as conventions are, I just say, "Well, Lord, if you want me to go, You make the way." And He said, "I have made the way." I could not say I did not have the finances, but He said, "I have made the way. You go!" And I said, "Alright, I will go."

Then the Lord began to deal with me about all these things that have been happening, and they began to tie in, and I began to see, as the Lord began to show me these things that are happening and what transpired in Prague; and what He was trying to tell us.

It was about three o'clock in the morning, and I was sitting there in the lounging chair we have in our room. I usually spend a good part of the night sitting there, and I was sitting there waiting; and I was looking back at myself, not at the saints, ...not for a message for the people of God, but for myself. I was looking back in retrospect, and seeing certain incidents that happened, and the Lord was saying to me, "You could have intervened, but you did not. You could have wielded what I have given you, but you did not wield what I gave you. You never even picked it up."

As I was sitting there, I said, "Lord, how can we come into this place, except You bring us? Lord, how can we come into this place of total victory over Adam...where Adam no longer is manifesting it's influence in us, but where we really have died to Adam; where we have really been crucified; where he is really dead, Lord, and he does not jump when he is pricked by somebody's comment or snide remark, but he is really dead. Really dead!" And I said, "Lord, when will You intervene?" (I am telling all about what the Lord needs to do, you see.)

All of a sudden, as I am sitting there, I looked to the bed (and it is a double bed), and there was a sword laying there. One like I have never seen before. It was laying the whole length of the bed. It was a huge thing! And the handle was all gold. It was a large handle; it was a large sword! You could not pick it up with one hand. As I looked at this sword, I saw that it had a two edged blade to it, and the blade just glowed. It absolutely glowed...it was so bright. And it seemed like energy...power...was coming out of it, such as I have never seen before. And I was a little bit apprehensive for a moment, because the Lord said to me, "Son, pick it up!" And I said, "Lord, I would be afraid to handle something so powerful. I would be afraid to touch something so dynamic and powerful as this sword," because it was not like anything I have ever seen.

Now I am not saying we have not ever used the sword (the Word of God) before, but this was different. This was much different! And as I am sitting there and thinking and meditating about it, one incident in the Bible came back to me so clear, and let me read it to you so that I do not just say something and you do not have the understanding.

Let us read 1 Samuel 17, beginning at verse 47, "And all this assembly shall know that the Lord saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the Lord's, and He will give you into our hands. And it came to pass, when the Philistine arose, and came and drew nigh to meet David, and David hasted, and ran to the army to meet the Philistines. And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone, and slang it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead, that the stone sunk into his forehead; and he fell upon his face to the earth. So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone, and smote the Philistine, and slew him; but there was no sword in the hand of David. Therefore David ran, and stood upon the Philistine, and took his sword, and drew it out of the sheath thereof, and slew him, and cut off his head therewith. And when the Philistines saw their champion was dead, they fled." Alleluiah!

The sword that God was showing me was not an ordinary sword. We know that the sword is the Word of God, but what He was showing me was the powerfulness of it...the might of it. Not just the brilliancy of it...the glowing of it, but the might of it...the power of it.

And it would take two hands to lift it up. When we read of the implements that Goliath used, it says that his spear's head weighed 600 shekels of iron, and it's staff was like a weaver's beam; and the account of his shield and his coat of mail and how much it weighed, and how tall this man was, we would understand that it was a huge sword that he had.

David was still a lad, a young man. He was not accustomed to handling a sword. This was not an ordinary sword. This was a very heavy sword. It was a large sword that David could not pick up with one hand. I believe he used both hands in picking it up. And what he did, and what this tells us, is that he stripped Goliath of his power. Do you hear what I am saying? He stripped him of his power, and he used this sword.

And, you see, Saul is watching this. Jonathan is watching...the whole army of Israel, the Philistines...they are all watching this, and I think when Saul saw this young lad picking up this sword of Goliath (it was a huge thing and he was just a lad) that he began to tremble! He began to tremble, because he realized what was taking place here was not a natural thing any more. He realized that this was not just some little shepherd lad that came down to show off his manhood, or something...but, he knew that what this young man had and what he was doing-it was of a supernatural nature. It took power and energy that was beyond this young man, to lift up such a heavy sword and to wield it the way that he wielded it; and in wielding it, he saw that it cut off the head...it destroyed the head. Amen!

Saints, we are not after the demons. We are not after the principalities. We are after the head! It is the head that dictates. He is the one that gives the orders and the commands to his evil forces, and to these powers of darkness and principalities. They are under his jurisdiction. It is the head! And hear me tonight! What God was showing unto me, it was not just for Campbell! ...It was for every one of us! ...to pick up that power and authority...Alleluiah! ...beyond our comprehension!

For I believe God has a counter attack! in this day! ...A force, a power and energy that He is going to release in the midst of His holy nation, and this righteous people, that shall not only overcome, but shall destroy all the works of Satan!! ...And He shall fall!! Amen! [Note: Psalm 18:40, "Thou hast given me the necks of mine enemies, that I might destroy them they hate me."]

He shall be utterly destroyed, and no longer shall he keep our brethren or our children in bondage. He will no longer keep in bondage those of us that have left from us and have gone astray, because I believe that there is a power and an energy, and God is saying to us, "Pick it up and use it!!"

And, as I sat there, I trembled at it. Saints, it was way beyond my comprehension. I never saw anything in all my life like this. I have seen the power of God. I have had many dreams and visions, and I have walked with God, but this was different.

Do you know what He said to me? He said, "It has always been there. You just have not always picked it up, son, and used it, and wielded it"; but He said, "Now is the time!"

I want to tell you something, saints, I did not grab it right away. I walked around the bedroom about a dozen times, and in walking around, I said, "I will, Lord, lay hold of this." And I took hold of that sword, and when I did, there was such a release in my spirit and in my soulish self. I never experienced anything quite like it. There was such a release and it seemed like I became "one" with that Word, and that Word was "one" with me. It was not separate any more. I was not holding a sword...an instrument out in my hands here...but I was "one" with it..., absolutely "one." I was flowing in that energy and life of the Almighty. Alleluiah! Alleluiah!

Saints, it will take more than just a little jabbing here and there. It will take more than just drawing our little daggers out once in a while, and putting little marks in the enemy and keeping him at bay. It is going to take the energy and the power of God. The Scriptures speak of the enemy being cast out of the heavens...in the spiritual realm. And that has happened. That took place. He was cast out, and it said, "Now is come salvation, healing, deliverance, and strength, and the kingdom, and power." Amen! "For the accuser...(the deceiver...the liar who has lied to the brethren...who has accused the brethren)...is cast out!" He has ceased from operating! From this moment on he is no longer going to operate. He is not going to come in the local body, and the local fellowship, and cause havoc. He is not going to come in and cause division any more. He is not going to come in.

Why? Because, now we have laid hold of eternal life! We now are willing to lay down our lives, and we are willing to take it up in Him, and find it in Him; and now to begin to wield and use this sword...this power, this energy of God, this life of God...to destroy all of the works of the enemy.

And do you know what it did? It brought through us a charge. There was a charge that came through, and it was working two ways: out of us was going the positive (the energy and the life of God), but inwardly it was charging us inside, and it was actually quickening and changing the interior of my person. Alleluiah! It was doing two things at once. It was releasing the energy of God and the force of the life of God, but in another way...in changing me...it was also bringing life to me.

I became one with that Word; one with that life of God; and I tell you, saints, I have never had such an expression of God in us...moving in such a way and a manner as He was moving...as I did at that particular time.

...So, [back in 1 Samuel 17], we read that David took the sword that Saul gave him, but he did not use it. He was not ready for it. He had not proven it yet. He was still a "sling shot" fellow. Amen? A lot of us are still "sling shot" Christians, you see. And so, he used the sling shot to destroy him. Well, God actually killed Goliath. And then David used Goliath's own sword to cut his head off.

Now, turn with me to 1 Samuel 21:8; and you know the story of how David goes down to Nob. He goes down to Nob, and Ahimelech the high priest is there, and he said, "David, what are you doing here? Don't you know that this is a trap? You have come here, and you have walked into a trap." And David said, "We are hungry. My men are hungry. We are starving. We have nothing to eat."

And I got to thinking about this and what they gave him. They gave him the holy bread, didn't they? You know, this bread was set aside and sanctified, and you were not supposed to do this. You were not supposed to eat that. It was consecrated. And yet, because of his hunger and because there was nothing else for him to eat, he began to eat of that bread that they put before the Lord as the offering unto the Lord. And he said, "That is all we have." David said, "Alright, we will eat it. We are so hungry, and we are so famished that we need to eat something." So, he said, "Alright, you can eat that."

I got to thinking about that, and you know, I think a lot of times we do not want to eat that which is holy, and we do not want to eat that which is consecrated; and sometimes because of that, we eat something that is stale and dead and does not have life in it. You know, they had to eat the manna every day. They could not let it lay around for a day or two, because it would spoil. But, they had to receive and they had to eat that manna every single day. And I believe that we live by that Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of Father, and that manna has to be received by us every single day of our lives. Not just when we come to conventions or meetings, but we have to receive that life from God every single day of our life. Every time, that we approach God in our private meditations-throughout the day or at the beginning of the day, or at the ending of the day, or both-I believe we have to receive of that life from God. I think, sometimes we have been afraid to eat that which is holy. We have held back; but I believe that this gave strength to David. I believe it gave him the kind of strength that he needed at that particular time.

When you are famished, you are willing to eat anything God gives you. When you are half full, you are a little particular and fussy. Isn't that so? You try to feed your children when they just had a candy bar or something. They do not want to eat, but do not let them have anything to eat for half a day, or miss lunch because they did not like what you had, and they get awful hungry come around supper time.

We used to worry about our kids, but you do not worry about them after they get old, you know. You worry about them when they are little. We would say, "You have to eat. You have to eat." We would leave them alone, and then we would say that when they get hungry enough they are going to eat; and usually then they would eat what you gave them, not what they chose. I think we have been picky and choosy in the past over what we wanted to eat. We did not like some of the words that God brought us. It did not taste good. It was not sweet to our taste, and so we refused it and rejected it; and we gave all kinds of complaints: "Well, that was the word of man...," or, "It was not really God." And we did not eat it, and because we did not eat it, we have become weak and we have become sickly in the spirit realm.

David comes to Nob, and we are reading at 1 Samuel 21:8, "And David said unto Ahimilech, And is there not here under thine hand spear or sword? for I have neither brought my sword nor my weapons with me, because the king's business required haste. And the priest said, The sword of Goliath the Philistine, whom thou slewest in the valley of Elah, behold, it is here wrapped in a cloth behind the ephod: and if thou wilt take that, take it: for there is no other save that here. And David said, There is none like that: give it me."

As you read on, after David takes Goliath's sword, he used it. Did you know he used it?

When Saul heard that David had Goliath's sword, he was afraid. He trembled, because he had realized [before] that when David had the sword [back in the battle with Goliath], that it was not just another sword...another instrument of battle...but there was a supernatural power and force that was upon David and in David that was moving against this Goliath to slay him. When Saul saw this...when he saw David out there slaying him, cutting his head off, destroying him...he knew that it took supernatural strength to do that. He could not do that as a lad. Now, Saul was afraid, he was trembling, he was fearful. Why? Because he knew David now had Goliath's sword, and to him that meant that that was the end of Saul. "I do not want to get into battle with him. I do not want to come against him."

Oh saints, there are so many things that I know you could type here tonight. We are not going to spend time on that, but I do know this: that this sword that God was presenting to us is for all of us, and God is saying to us that we need to pick it up and begin to use it, and wield it; because the arch deceiver is trying to deceive and to destroy each one of us. Not just a few of us, but each one of us. Because of this, God is presenting it to us, and saying, like He said to Moses, "Here! You have a rod...cast it from you...pick it up...and I will show you how I will work through you." God wants to work through us. God wants to minister His life and His power and His strength.

Saints, I do not believe it is just a touch that God wants to bring to us. I do not believe it is just some olive oil on our head, or a little anointing. I believe He wants to bring, to us, the fulness of His power. For the fulness of the Godhead bodily dwells in Christ, and as we come into Him we are going to experience the fulness. Do you understand what we are saying tonight? ...That fulness of God! Without any reservation! This is beyond talking...beyond prophesying...beyond just giving a good message!

What God is showing us in the spirit realm, is that we have too long looked at the sword and we have said, "Well, we cannot wield it; we cannot use it." "God, I am not ready to pick it up. I am not worthy to pick it up." You are never going to be worthy! He has to make us worthy. He makes us worthy, doesn't He?

Alright. And yet, we know in doing so, we never do pick it up. We talk about it. We prophesy, but we never really do pick it up; and because of this, there have been divisions and schisms in the body. Now, you blame who you want to blame, but I see the arch deceiver behind it all.

And God took us back to when I first came into this fellowship. It was about 1982, when He brought us down to the Rockford meeting, with such a word that He brought us with at that time. I know that God joined us to you people. I know that. I know that He joined us in the Spirit as one. From that time on, as I began to hear what God was saying in this fellowship, and as I began to see what God was doing, I said, "This is the right place, Lord. You have brought me to the right people, to the right place, at the right time." I was at peace, and at rest, and content; because God had brought us to that place.

Through the years, we have watched and observed things that have happened, and things that did not have to happen. Things that could have been stopped. Things that could have been nipped in the bud, but they were not. Because of this, it caused a lot of confusion among the people, and it caused a lot of division among the people. People have their own will...if they desire to pull away, that is their business...we know that; but I believe that in the beginning, that had we come against the spirits that were coming against us, and really broke through the atmosphere, and had we picked up and used that power that God was delegating to us at that time, I believe these things could have been broken.

Now, believe what you want to believe. That is your free will to believe what you want to believe. But, this is what I believe, as God took me back in retrospect...and from the things that God spoke to us through the years now, and at our conferences. And some of the things, we are not even walking in tonight, that God spoke to us a long time ago. In the mouth of many witnesses, God told us things, and we are not even walking, as yet, in that which God had spoken to us way back when; and because of that, spirits have gotten in, and we have been intimidated by the enemy.

Say what you want to say. It really does not make any difference at all to me what you think or say anymore. I am telling you the truth tonight, saints, just exactly as the Lord began to take me back and show me what happened, and what should have happened, and what did not happen.

We were so busy trying to get victory in our own lives, or trying to get victory for somebody else, that we did not recognize what was happening at the time, and we did not respond in the way we should have responded. We should have responded as a people, and gone to prayer and fasting at that time, and stayed there until the power came; and when the power came, deliverance would have come! Alleluiah! Alleluiah! And it would not have followed us down the road like it has followed us. Amen!

So, as I was looking at that sword that was laying on my bed, the Lord brought back to me about the sword of Goliath. And the Lord said, "Rise up and slay." He did not say, "Rise up and look at it." He did not say, "Rise up and sing." He did not say to rise up and dance, and have a Jericho march around it. No! He said, "Rise up and slay." And I hesitated, and I walked around the bed several times, and finally I laid hold of it; and when I grabbed it, there was a charge connected with it, and that charge was beginning to cleanse and purge. But, there was a force...such a force...such a release of God's energy...that I began to wield that sword! Alleluiah!

And I saw principalities. I saw powers of darkness. I saw trees, and trees represent humanity...flesh, carnality...and what have you. And we were hewing them down! We were hewing these things down; and this continued on. And there were entanglements all around us; and I was hewing them down. I had to get through the jungle that was around me before I could get to the trees. And as we were slaying this and slaying that, I saw how they were falling, and I said, "God, I should have done this a long time ago." He said, "Yes, you should have. You have allowed the time to come and to pass you by. You have not wielded the sword."

The handle was of gold, which speaks to us of the divinity of God and the nature of God. The sword itself, my friend, was the Word; but the Word was with such power and authority. I had never seen the Word illustrated to me in such a manner before as I saw this. And as I yielded, it seemed that the atmosphere, that was so thick and heavy, was being cut, and instead of darkness compassing round about, light began to penetrate! Light began to pour in from just every direction that I looked. Amen! And I said, "Lord, surely this is greater than the sword of Goliath." Alleluiah! Alleluiah!

And the Lord was saying, "Now wield it and use it!" And He was not just talking to me alone. I believe it was representing all of us: picking up the sword, and beginning to use it.

Now saints, there were things that I had to destroy around me, that entangled me. There are things that we have to let go of. There are things that we have to get behind us.

When God brought Israel out of Egypt, before they left, they were slaves. They worked day in and day out for three things: food, raiment and shelter. That is all they had. They did not have riches. But, when God sent them out, they were very rich, weren't they? They spoiled the Egyptians. They not only left with food, and herds, and flocks, but with jewels and money, and what have you. I think God gave them severance pay, or back pay, for all the time that they had slaved against Pharaoh. And saints, I believe we have served the flesh! We have served Satan, and now God wants to break that! Alleluiah! First of all, in our lives! We have to let go of things. We have to be willing to let go of Adam, and the way of the Egyptians; let go of our covetousness and our greed ; let go of our pride; let go of the materialistic things we have been hanging on to! Leave it go!! Let it go!! Amen! And when there is a letting go and a laying aside of these weights, we are going to run this race with patience and we are going to win! Alleluiah!

So then, He used the illustration of the sword of Goliath. Now I am not telling you I am going to pick up the sword of Goliath, and neither are you; but, it was an illustration that it took some supernatural strength and energy supplied by God for David to pick up such a huge thing. You see, we have used this sword in the past, but you know how we have used it? We have used a small one, and we have used it with one hand. Do you know what we have been doing with the other hand? We have been afraid to use the sword at times. And we have been patting the person, and patting the problem. We have been saying, "Oh, that is alright. I do not want to offend you. I do not want to hurt you. I am going to chop your ear off...your head off...but don't feel so bad. It is going to be alright!" And we have used one hand.... You cannot just use one hand! We have to use both hands when we wield what God is putting within us. That has to be wielded by Him...used by Him..., but there has to be both hands. There has to be undivided attention and affection on Him. Alleluiah! There cannot be the other thing.

Now, I want to read another verse here. It is in Romans 16, and reading down from the 17th verse. Paul is exhorting the brethren here. You know, we talk about Paul being a gracious brother, and preaching grace...and he did preach: he had an understanding, and a depth of the grace of God. He had an understanding of the Kingdom of God. He knew these things by experience. He knew God. Amen? But, there was that authority of God in him, and he saw the problem and the need. Now, He is giving advice to these brethren here and he is saying, "Now, I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the teaching which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple." I think, for this word "simple," in the Amplified it says "simpleminded." It speaks of those that are not deep; those that are not established; those that are not rooted and grounded in Christ. Those whose house has not been built upon a sure foundation. Those that are being tossed by every wind of teaching that comes along by the sleight of men's cunningness and craftiness. Amen? So, Paul is saying here that, "...by good words and fair speeches they deceive the hearts of the simple." For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil."

In other words, God is saying "...mark them." Let there be a distinct mark put on them that are causing division! Do not hold back! Do not soothe it over. Do not say, "Well, they are not so bad." We are not talking about the person, we are talking about the spirit that motivates the person. You do not play games with Satan. You do not play little games with him. You do not say, "Well, we do not want to offend the brother. We do not want to offend the sister. If we talk very plain and very straight, they will get offended and they will leave." Brethren, they are going to leave anyway! You might as well tell them...we had better tell them the truth! Amen! And, I believe, not only telling them the truth...(You see, he is not only saying, "...mark them that cause division among you...,"), but, "Do not bless them with one hand, and use the sword on them with the other." And, because people did not understand what was going on in the Spirit, there has been this attitude, and there is always the tendency to take sides and say, "Well, why are you treating that brother this way?" "Why are you saying that to this brother?" and "Why are you acting this way to this sister?" "Why are you doing that?"

They do not understand, and the reason that they do not understand is because they have not been taught right! For the last two years I have been visiting the groups in the fellowship. I do not base anything that the Lord shows us or what we receive, on what somebody or one person tells me. But, I am amazed that in some of the fellowships that some of the elders are not doing their job. Do you hear what I am saying?

This is not popular. Don't you wish Campbell would not have made it and the fog would have kept him there in Milwaukee where he belongs? Because, "We do not like it when he comes around here, because he tells us the truth and we do not want to hear the truth." You see?

But, I was amazed to see the lack of understanding among many saints in some of the fellowship; and it came to us here...this past year...I had mentioned to Brother duCille about the lack of foundation. Now, I did not say that was true in every incident, but there was a lack of foundation in some people's lives. And, you see, you and I are never going to stand unless we are built upon that sure foundation. I do not care what you know, and how much revelation you have. You can get up here and you can probably give a whole evening of revelation to us, and it would be wonderful and nice, but what we need is to be rooted and grounded in that Foundation, that Chief Cornerstone...Christ! Where we have been built by Him, and He has laid us stone by stone, and we have grown in Him.... So that now, when truth comes, we do not misinterpret. The misinterpretation comes from our own mind. Do you follow what I am saying? Had we been established...had some people been established...there would not have been confusion.

So, what are you saying? I am saying, saints, because we are elders, it does not mean that now we have a title and a name! It means we are to "feed the flock!" It means that we are to pray, and seek God for a word from the Lord, and not just get up on Sunday morning and give a little testimony! Our responsibility as elders, my friend, is to feed the flock!

Paul, writing to Timothy...he loved him as a son...there was no hatred or malice in the heart of Paul for Timothy..., he said, "Timothy, stir up the gift of God that is within you: that you received by the laying on of hands of the presbytery. Wait on your ministry, and feed the flock! Do the work of an evangelist, and stir the people! Bring them to a place where they are founded and grounded in Christ, and they have a foundation, so that when truth comes they are not confused!" Saints, if we are built on the sure Foundation, and we have grown and have been built on that Foundation, then when whatever word may come, we are not going to refuse or reject it, or get confused about it! If we do not understand it, we are going to pray, and God is going to show us. Alleluiah!

Now, going back to what Paul was saying in the 17th verse, he said, "Mark them which are causing divisions and offenses contrary...." You do not play footsie with the enemy. You do not play games with the enemy. The only thing that the enemy understands is power and authority. The only thing that Saddam Hussein understands is power and authority. We could negotiate and play games with him all we want, and he is going to play games right back with us...until he sees that we are a strong nation...a mighty nation, a powerful people, and a people whose God is our God. Then he is going to tremble! But until that time, he is not going to fear...or tremble in his boots. I will tell you right now, he is not afraid of America. You may think that, because we have this and we have that, that he is afraid of us. No! He is more afraid of Israel than he is afraid of all our armies. He is afraid they will come and bomb him...that they will drop an atomic bomb on them, and end it all. But, he is not afraid of America, because we are "negotiators." We are always there to make a deal.

Saints, can you see that we cannot make deals, anymore? There is no more time to make these deals. There is no more time to "bicker," and to say, "Well, let's talk about the thing. Let's figure it out." There is no more time for that! It is a time for acting and doing, and not just talking!

So, Paul says, "...mark them that cause divisions among you." Is that what he said, or do I have the wrong interpretation here? I must have the wrong Bible here? No, that is what he said! He said, "Mark them...and avoid (have nothing to do with) them." Mark them! Verse 19, "For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good and simple concerning evil."

And then he says: "And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly." How did he know that? Because he knew the people. He knew they were rooted. He knew they were grounded. He knew that by the stirring up of the Spirit of God, and the gift of God within them, that they could rally in the Spirit! "And the God of peace..." shall shortly give you...." What? The power! Amen, "to bruise...," Amen. Is that what it said? "...Satan...under your feet."

Saints, I believe that, shortly, God is going to give us this power. Amen! But, we have to begin to do our part, and fulfill that to which God has called us.

Saints, being an elder does not mean that, "We are better than you...and we have a name, and we have a place of authority." It means feeding the flock. You say, "Well, I work!" Well, I worked too. I worked all my life. I tell you...all the jobs that I had. I have had zillions of them! ...A jack of all trades, and a master of none. I worked and I ministered. It does not make any difference. You have to get alone with God and get a word. If you are called to be an elder, then you get alone and you get a word. I think the people would be a lot farther along and more established had we (some of us elders, who have not been doing our job) really done the job, and fed the flock, and established them. If we would have done this, saints, there would not be so much of the confusion that there has been, and so much deception that has taken place! They would have been rooted and grounded in a sure foundation had it been laid properly!

I am not saying Brother duCille did not lay a foundation. Do not get me wrong now. I am talking about we...as elders. We are neglecting the flock. Some of us are neglecting the flock. You do not like what I am saying, do you? I do not like it either, but it is the truth anyway. We have neglected the flock!

People have come to me...a sister came to me, then another brother came to me, then some others. They were not disgruntled. They said, "When we have a meeting, the brother gets up and he exhorts a little bit, or he prays, or he reads Scripture, and that is it." I said, "Doesn't he feed you? Don't they feed you? What do they do?" He said, "No, not too often. Once in a while maybe, but not too often."

Saints, I think we need to feed the flock. He said, "Timothy, I love you, you are my son...but you need to feed the flock. You need to operate in that Spirit and in that gift that God has given you." Amen? Come, on Saints? I think that there would not have to be a coming around now, and coming back and trying to lay a foundation in some people's lives that should have been laid a long time ago.

Saints, how long has this been going on? How long have you been taught? How long has the Word of the Lord come to us? Amen. You people have been at it way before I came into this. You should be further along! All of us should be further along than what we are tonight! Amen!

But, we are still waiting for the ministries to come along and bring the Word. No! You should be feeding the flock! You should be established! You are neglecting it! You are neglecting the gift that God has given you. You need to be stirred up!

You say, "You talk so smart and all you do is lay around all day, and everything...." That is not true, my friend! And I have worked just like you have worked, and still we had to get a word from God. No, it is not easy, but if we have a position, we have a responsibility to God and to the people to feed the flock. You say, "Boy, if I knew you were going to say that tonight, I sure would have told you not to preach."

Saints, it boils down to this: It is we, not God, that have been negligent. The problem has not been with God. It has not been with our brothers or sisters. It has been the enemy, the arch deceiver, who has deceived us to believe that this person and that person, and the other person, is a bad person. Well, everyone is bad. "There is not one that doeth good." Amen. The only goodness we have is the goodness of God....

But, he knew! Paul knew by revelation! He knew. He said, "...shortly" ...not many days hence...in a short, near future...Amen..."the God of peace..." is going to.... What? He is going to cause you to rise up and God is going to give you the power and the authority..., "and the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet." Oh, Alleluiah!

As I was driving here (I still have not gotten into the message yet)...but, as I was driving here from the airport in Omaha today, and I got out of whatever the county was around Omaha, and the minute I got into this county, do you know what I saw? I saw demons converging on this place...this people...this convention. I mean, zillions of them! And they were all so tight together...just like arrows pointing.

I said, "Why are they so interested in this?" Well, they want to see the outcome. They want to see how we are going to respond to this word that God is bringing to us. They want to know if we going to go right back like we did before? Into the same old ways? Into the same old life: "lazy dazy"; go up and down; in and out? Or, are we going to lay hold of God? Are we going to pick up this sword? ...That He said, "Wield it and use it now." Amen!

What they want to do, is to counter attack! Amen. They want to know how they can counter attack us. They are afraid of us! Don't you know it? They are afraid of us! Amen. They are so concerned about us that they have to converge on us; and see what we are going to do; how we are going to respond!

I do not know about you, but I am going to respond positively. I am going to pick up the sword! If you don't want to, you don't have to...but I am going to pick up the sword, saints!

I have been intimidated! People have intimidated us. There have been spirits of deception that have been working and working...in and through this fellowship...this body. I am not talking about just Schuyler, I am talking about the body! Amen. ...And they have been deceived, and then they have been deceiving others. But, in it, God says, "I am going to...What? ...shortly bruise Satan." Alleluiah! Oh, glory to God!

And, it is because we are going to come out of our stupor and our slumber, and we are going to awake to righteousness, and say, "This is our day. This is the day that God has made for me. I am going to rise up in His strength, and in His power and anointing; and I am going to wield the sword because it is for me. He has given it to me to use. I am an heir of salvation, and a joint heir with Christ, and I am going to destroy His enemies!" Alleluiah! "Even the head..., I am going to destroy!"

Therefore, Paul's admonition...his exhortation to the brethren was to mark them. Why are we so afraid? Why is it that we hold back? We are afraid of offending.

I suppose I should not bring this up, but in the last several months I have read the most ungodly letters that so called "Christians" have written. Terrible things! I probably would not say those things if I were a sinner. I know I would not have addressed a man, or a woman, or a saint of God in that manner and fashion; and I said, "Lord, this is 'intimidation.' This whole thing is intimidation." And then all of a sudden, somebody rises up in the midst, and they do not agree with this...and you know everybody has their right and their own...they do not have to swallow everything that is said...but, it is the manner in which they rise up. You know, I always say, if there is something that you do not like about me, do not go and tell somebody else about it. Go to God! Go in your prayer closet and tell Him. He will get after me; you can rest assured that He will take care of me; but our problem has been that we had to tell somebody else about it, and somebody else about it, and somebody else about it...and it ended up in a situation where, now, it became gossip...and, you see, you break the flow of unity and harmony.

We needed to unite ourselves in the Spirit, and if it meant praying and fasting all night long...a week long. Do you ever pray and fast a whole week long, where you did not work, and you did not go any place and you did not do anything? You did not preach, you did not read books, you did not listen to tapes, you did not look at video tapes, and all the other stuff? All you did was pray, and fast, and seek God? Saints, I believe that if we would that something would begin to move. I think the hand of God would begin to move on our behalf, and begin to destroy these spirits that have come against our brethren.

I can say truthfully that there is no one that I despise or hate, or have malice in my heart against...that is in this meeting or not in this meeting. But the thing that riles me up is the fact that we have allowed the enemy, the arch deceiver, to come and to bring deception to people and to destroy them. I think that if we had prayed through, and have prayed through, we could get to that place where we can wield that power and use that sword...and I believe that the enemy would have been destroyed right then and there.

But, we have allowed him to intimidate us. We have allowed him to say things, and to intimidate us and do a lot of things. He should have been stopped way long, long time ago, saints. We should have never allowed him to have his free course and free will the way that we have.

I do not think I have said this to the brethren, but I know I have said it to the others, I said that the reason why finances were held up (not only in the building, but also in the mission field) was because of these spirits that were at work. Now you believe all you want to believe, but I believe that there were spirits at work that were hindering the flow of that life of God in people, to give. Amen.

God has to flow through us, to give; because we are not givers. We are greedy. We are selfish. That is our nature. You say, "Not me!!" Yes it is. It is you too. You are too. We are all that way. God has to touch our hearts and move through us, and that only comes about when we yield to Him, and yield our self to Him and let Him break up the fallow ground in us...all that hardness...all that bitterness and resentment that is there. It needs to be dealt with and taken out, so that the flow of God's life can flow through us freely unto others. And instead of bringing death, we bring life.

I am going to read another scripture from 2 John 1, and then I want to read this vision that this sister had, and the outcome; and it goes along with what I am saying tonight. 2 John 1:7, "For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. Look to yourselves that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward. Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the teaching of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine (teaching), receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is a partaker of his evil deeds. Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: but I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face, that our joy may be full." Alleluiah!

Not only knowing God, but understanding the ways of our enemy, brings not only peace and life and deliverance, but it also brings to us a release. It brings a release of things that would confuse us, and bewilder us. We see from what we have just read that there are "many deceivers".... The spirit of deception is at work, is it not? ...And deceiving many!

Now, I want to read this account  to you of the meeting in Prague where this sister had the vision:

"Sunday, November 9, 1997...." This was in the Prague Sunday morning service, the last meeting of our mission. And it says that it happened near the beginning of the meeting as the praise and worship was coming to a conclusion.

"A young mother from Slovakia was seen to be very moved by something. She soon came to the part of the circle where the speakers and our interpreter were. Trembling and in tears, we thought that she wanted prayer, so we acted accordingly. She soon turned to face her brethren, and gave the following account.

She had seen a vision. Satan was sending demons to the earth. He asked for volunteers to deceive the saints. (Now she saw all of this in vision and she heard the conversation and she saw the action.) "The first spirit came to Satan and said that he would convince the people that there was no God. Satan rejected this offer. The second lying spirit came and suggested that he would tell the people that there is a God, but Satan is more powerful. Satan also rejected this one. The third one came before Satan and said that he would tell the people that there is a God and He is more powerful than Satan, but that they have plenty of time to get ready for the Lord. And Satan said, 'Yes,' and sent this one out. We resumed praying, entering into the Spirit. While doing so, Brother Campbell saw a large serpent...."

She had this vision. These lying spirits...these deceiving spirits...came before Satan, and were sent out and volunteered to come to deceive the saints. And what was the thing that he agreed with? That they would tell them that they have plenty of time to get ready...to set their house in order. And he said, "Yes! You go. You go."

For there are many that believe...that say, "Where is the promise of His coming?" They do not believe that He is really coming as soon as that we have preached and propagated. There are many that believe that His Day of Coming is for another time and another generation. And Satan has been at work deceiving and making people believe that. You say, "In which way, Brother Campbell?" Well, for one thing, if all of us believed that this night He would come suddenly to this temple, I think that we would sell all that we have and give it to the poor. I think we would fall on our knees and cry out to God, and say, "Lord, deliver me of every bondage of this flesh. Lord, deliver me from all pride and arrogance, and from all lying, and gossiping and tale bearing. Lord, from all rebellion and stubbornness that I have had." I think if we really believed that, saints, I think we would be reacting differently. But the problem is that not all of us believe that. We have things that we are hanging on to and we will not let go of them. But, they are going to perish...they will perish with us. If we do not let go of the thing, we will lose it anyway.

My mother said something, and you know, she is 86 years old now. She went through the first depression, and way last summer she said to me, "You know something, son, everybody is living in a dream world." She said, "They are all living in a dream world. The stock market is high. Everybody is investing. It is bullish. Everybody is making money. The big guys are making money." She said, "You know that is what happened in the last depression. Did you know that mothers were taking their life savings out and investing in the stock market. Cab drivers, farmers...everybody was investing, and everybody was making money, and there was prosperity. And all of a sudden-they were not prepared, they did not know it was going to happen-the stock market crashed overnight. As a result, people lost their life savings. Widows lost every dollar that they had. People committed suicide. They were so far in debt they could never get out of debt any more. They had wasted their time and their substance, until it was too late."

The ark was there, it was being built for a long time. They did not believe what Noah said. But when the rains came, and the flood rose and the door was shut, they could not enter in. I believe there is a time when God says, "No! It is enough! You either enter in now, or you are not going to enter in."

And I believe what this sister in Prague was saying was a true vision from God. I believe what she was saying was the very incident, the very thing that is happening, and has happened, and is still happening: that Satan is sending out his lying, deceiving spirits. And he is saying to the soul, "Take thine ease."

There are people that want both ends, and you cannot have both ends. You cannot have mammon and God. We cannot have both things. You are going to love one and hate the other, but you cannot have both. People want to hang on to their money; they want to hang on to their wealth; they want to hang on to their substance. They want God, but they do not want Him bad enough to let go of that; and because of not letting go, it will perish with them. The word came again and again, "Thy money perish with thee." And saints, that is exactly what is going to happen. It is going to take you unawares.

People laugh...people have called us a false prophet. I know, I have been called that many, many, times. They say, "Well, where did that happen?" This thing in Asia...Japan...that is happening, it is very serious; and it has happened in Singapore. Do you know what they said about Singapore? Singapore's economy was so high and they were at such a high level, financially. They were well fixed and solid, and they said that it was going to be the next Hong Kong. If China came in and did not allow them in Hong Kong to continue to have certain liberties and the freedom that they have had, then Singapore was going to be the next Hong Kong. But, Singapore fell. Did you know that? The economy is ruined. Were you aware of that? And, Japan...strong, powerful, successful, prosperous nation...is in big trouble. They are bailing out.

Sister Campbell reminded me of that vision that Dave Wilkerson had. It said that they were going to bail them out at first, but the next time they are not going to be able to bail them out. Saints, the money situation is in a very, very, sad affair. It can crumble, any time.... Any time...it can fall to pieces. And yet we have heard God telling us that we only have so much time left: a time allotted to go to the field, to do what we need to do. And it is closing. Russia is closing. Ukraine is closing. The doors are closing to us, Saints. We will not be able to go, when we could have gone. We could have gone, but it was held back, sometimes, because of finances. There was actually the "muzzling of the ox" in the past. Amen.

But let me tell you this. It is not going to make any difference in the days ahead. Money is not going to help me, you, or anybody. God will have to take care of us supernaturally. He will provide for us...food, and shelter, and raiment, and whatever else we need. He will provide it. But, it is going to be very difficult for people that have nothing...that have no idea what living by faith is. It will be very difficult for them. And they would not let it go, and they are going to lose it anyway.

And the rich young ruler, God was not easy on him. Jesus said, "Sell all that you have and give it to the poor." He did not just say to give part of it...to give a tenth. He said "Give it all." Why? Because, the heart...that is where his treasure was. His heart was in the material things.

So, there has to be a letting go of that. There has to be a letting go of our opinions. Many of us are so strongly opinionated. There has to be a letting go of this. And there is so much deception, now, that is at work.

Let me finish this that happened in the meeting in Prague. I am not done yet. And so, as we watched this, while this was all going on, I saw a large cobra. The biggest one I had ever seen; it was a huge thing, black in color. And you know, a cobra when it becomes angered...roused...it's hood goes out. Well this hood went out so big, that it was behind the brethren. It was behind the people, they could not see it. It was behind them, and it covered...it encircled, all the brethren. And as I saw it, I began to rebuke it. And it was way back there, but it came right up to me and looked right at me. And as it did, I began to rebuke it, and then it spoke angrily and said, "You cannot get me out of here!" And then we responded that it was a lie, and, "You are a lying spirit," and we began to rebuke it in the Name of Jesus and plead the Blood. And the serpent gradually receded, diminished, and disappeared.

The thing that was so unusual about this cobra was that it was not a normal kind of cobra. It was a "spitting" cobra. It was not the kind that bites you. The cobras that they have now in Africa and India that spit...they blind you. Now, the poison will still get into your system and kill you, but it gets your vision first. In Proverbs, it says that the people that have no vision will perish, and what he wanted to do was to destroy our vision so that we could not see light; and, therefore, when he could destroy our vision, then he would destroy the rest of us. And as we rebuked it, it did not want to go. It did not want to go! I am telling you saints it is going to take more than just saying, "In the Name of Jesus!" It is going to take more than just trying to pull out our daggers any more.

He went and disappeared, but somehow, I knew in my heart that he would come back again. He was not gone for good. He would return again, and I said, "Lord, what meaneth this?" And the Lord said that, "They are not aware."

The reason why I am telling you this tonight is that it was not just for the people in Prague! What this sister was seeing was a spirit that was coming to all the saints! Amen! To deceive all the saints to believe...to take their ease in Zion! Amen! And to build bigger barns, and to take their ease: "Soul, take thine ease. You have truth, you have revelation. You have had so much truth and revelation, you do not have to worry now about anything...everything is taken care of by Father."

But, I want to tell you something. That is not the truth! We need to stir ourselves and shake ourselves from the dust of our earth! "Arise and sit down!" [Isaiah 52:2] Alleluiah! For some have not the truth in this hour. Some have not the truth of God. Amen.

And so, this cobra that came, the Lord would say that, "He is trying to poison My people. He is trying to put their vision out, so they cannot see and know the time in which they are living! They do not realize the hour in which they are living! They are not aware of the seriousness of it!" Amen! He wants to put our vision out so we do not see that! So that we do not have that vision that we are talking about...of this power and authority that God is going to bring. For, when the power of God came, and the Kingdom of God came...His authority and His government came...it came to rule and to be established. Where? In the saints! Oh, Alleluiah!

I was so stirred and moved by this, I did not get over it. From the time I left Prague until now, I have been stirred. Why? Because I believe that is exactly what is taking place tonight. Right now, while we are here in this meeting, I believe these demons and powers of darkness have converged here, and are listening to what is going on, and seeing whether or not we are going to enter in as a people. Whether or not we are going to be willing to lay aside these weights. Whether or not we are going to be willing to cut off Adam, and leave Egypt and the way of the Egyptians...and not be a partaker of anything Babylonish. Amen. And not wanting to hide the Babylonish garment, or the shekels of silver or gold...hidden things...in our tents, anymore. But, now, we are willing to say, "God, I submit myself unto You, and under Your mighty hand; that, God, You would shake me, and You would arouse me and awaken me to righteousness!"

There is a slumbering that has been going on, and a sleeping in the Spirit. That is why the trumpet has to be blown in Zion! That is why the alarm has to be sounded in His holy mountain! Every one of us need to arouse ourselves! I have to arouse myself! Come on saints? Amen! From the lowest...the meekest...to the highest, we all need to arouse ourselves!

The Lord showed me this power and I said, "But God, I have never seen anything like this. I cannot pick it up, Lord." And I know that some of you would have just grabbed it right away, but you do not know what was going on through this man. You do not know what was coming to me at that time. I realized what it was going to cost to pick that up! I realized that is was going to be death to Adam! I realized that! I knew, somehow, this was the last breath that Adam was going to take. He was going to not exist anymore! Why? Because this Word was going to destroy him...totally, completely! And change him! So that, now, that life and energy of God...we would become "one" with Him.

He is the one! David never said, "I am going to destroy you, Goliath." He said, "The Lord is going to deliver you into my hands. He is going to destroy you. The battle is the Lord's!" Oh, Alleluiah! Alleluiah!

So, we have been afraid to pick up the sword. We have been afraid to wield it. Why? Because of "condemnation." Because of guilt! Because of accusations that the enemy has made to us! Come on? Because of tearing down our faith and our hope, and our confidence and trust in God. Because, the enemy is constantly coming to us and working against us!

I know that we have made mistakes, and we have erred. I know all of that, but the point is, that the enemy has gotten us into such a place sometimes, where we begin to believe that! And, because of that, we will not pick up the sword-the very thing that will deliver us, and deliver the rest of the people of God! Oh, come on, Saints? Alleluiah! Alleluiah!

Elders...do not get angry at me. I am not talking to just you tonight. I am talking to myself. Do not get mad at me. I did not say everyone, but there are some that have not been feeding the flock. I think we need to concern ourselves about feeding the flock, and not trying to get a word for the convention every time we come. I think we need to seek God for ourselves and for the local body, and to worry about feeding the flock and moving in the ministry that God has called us to; and to forget the idea that we need to get a word for the convention. Honey, I do not try to get a word for the convention. I come, and sometimes, because He gives me a word that I do not want, I do not want to come! Not because of you, but because of the word we have to deliver! I have to be at my post of duty; and I have to declare the thing that He would have us to declare.

And I believe God wants to stir us tonight. He has been moving in your midst. Amen! He has been bringing deliverances and releases, and that is all fine and good, but let us not go back to our old ways when we leave here. Let us not go back to our houses! We have come out of our houses now. Let us not go back! There will be those, He said, that will call upon the mountains and the rocks to fall on them. Some will go back to their houses. Let us not go back to our house. Not back to Adam; not back to our old ways! Let us say, "No! This time, I am going to stand! This time I am going to shake myself loose! This time I am going to press on in! Amen! I am going to lay these weights aside, and the sin that has so easily beset me, and I am going to run! I am no longer just going to talk. I am no longer just going to sit and think about it, but I am going to begin to wield that which God has prepared for me to wield."

Oh, I see great deliverance! There is going to be deliverance in Mount Zion! In Jerusalem! In this remnant! There is going to be deliverance, saints! It is not a case of "maybe," there is "going" to be! But, God has to stir us and shake us loose of things that we have been so attached to. Amen? Alleluiah.

I do not know how many more conventions we will have like this. If God is willing, I hope we have a whole lot of them; but, nevertheless, we need to avail ourselves of what God is saying. Alleluiah. We must take the word of the Lord serious, and hide it in our hearts that we will not sin against Him. Do not let it be just another word, saints, but let it be something that so stirs us. Only God can stir us. Only God can move upon us. If we wait upon Him, saints, we will renew our strength. We will mount up with wings as eagles.

I think God has to set us aside sometimes, whether by sickness or whatever case it might be, that He might begin to talk to us. It is not easy breaking through the atmosphere any more. It is not easy breaking through all the powers of darkness and the heaviness that would surround us. But, saints, if we have a responsibility to feed the flock, then we need to feed the flock, and not just tell them stories on Sunday morning. Come on? I had enough stories when I was back in the church world. I can go back there and get all the Sunday morning stories that you can imagine. I can get all the nice readings of the Psalms I want. I can get all of that kind of stuff...just go back to the religious church world. We are talking about coming out of it...and we are going right back into the same kind of order of things? Come on Saints? God has brought us out of those things! Amen!

I think when we come into a meeting, whether a Wednesday night, or a Friday night, or a Saturday, or a Sunday, there should be a "word." There should be some meat. There should be some bread. There should be something that feeds the flock! Alleluiah! ...So that the people become strong in the Lord, and in His might; that we all are saying the same thing, moving in the same Spirit, reacting at the same time! Do not tell me that God cannot show us! He can show us collectively what is going on! I mean, not only what is going on in the spirit world, but what is going on in our brothers' and in our sisters' lives.

I am going to say this and then I am going to stop. You remember me saying this before when I came back from that Ukraine trip, but I am going to say it again so you will remember again. When I was hit there, and my blood pressure soared...I did not know I had pneumonia at the same time. I knew...well...that the enemy was out to kill us. He was out to kill Sharon and Bruce and some of the others that have come through this experience of death. We had to come back to the states, and when the Lord brought us back, I was there at O'hare Field waiting for United Airlines to take me from Chicago to Milwaukee on the last leg of the journey. I was broken. I was weary. I was worn. I was sad. But, in all of that, as I was sitting there in the wheel chair, waiting to board the plane, I began to cry. I was not crying for myself...that I felt sorry...but, I was crying. As I was crying in the Spirit, this word came to me, and it was a cry that came out of my spirit: "Lord, where are my brethren?" And the Lord spoke very clear and He said, "Some are singing and dancing in the market place." He was saying that, "They are preoccupied...they are not attuned." We were not attuned. And I never forgot that. I knew what God was saying. There are things that distract us. And that is the enemy's tactic: distract us.

I think we need to zero in on one thing: that the enemy is after each one of us to destroy us. Amen. He is not going to succeed. Amen? He is not going to succeed. But, the thing is, let us not be off in the market place, singing and dancing, when we should be in the Spirit, praying. I think God can show us when a brother or a sister is in trouble or in need, whoever they are...wherever they are.

And when we are praying, I think that there is a strength released. I know, many times, I have felt strength coming from the saints. We made this last trip to Romania a year or so ago, and while we were there, we were in the hotel room. Zoltan was there. Some of you have met him. Some of you have not. He is the Hungarian brother in Kishkunhalas. He is one of the elders there now. We were there praying: Brother Mark Jantzi, and Zoltan, and myself. As we were praying, I saw in vision that there were panthers and lions and tigers that were trying to attack us. And every time they would jump up, they would fall down. They would jump up to try to attack us and devour us, and they could not. And I said, "Well, Lord, how is it that they cannot touch us?" And the Lord showed me this wall around us...an invisible wall...totally around us. And it went so high, I could not even see how high it was. And the Lord said to me, "This is the prayers of the saints." We were protected from death, I believe, by the prayers of the saints. Amen....

Father, we pray tonight and we thank You for Your Word to us, for Your kindness to us. God, You have been kind to us and gracious to us. You have been longsuffering, Lord, and You have been patient. For God, there are things that You have spoken to us in bygone days, in times past, and we did not always respond. We did not always respond immediately, but we waited until the time of favor passed. But, we pray tonight, God, that shall not be the case. We pray tonight, God, that you shall so stir our pure minds in Christ and stir up the gift...the gift within us...that, God, we in the Spirit, may rise up to meet the challenge of the hour, of the enemy. That we would be that people, and that vessel...that Kingdom, that body, that Army...that will stand against the wiles of the enemy and the fiery darts of Satan. That no longer, God, would we run.

And no longer, God, would we think that we are an island to ourselves. No longer would we go off in a corner to ourselves, but, God, we would realize we are joined together as one people; and we are one in You, and there is no division in You. By one Spirit we have been baptized into this body, and You have done this, Lord. It is not something of our choosing, and therefore, God, we begin to realize we are a part of our brother and our sister, and they are a part of us. We are members of one another; not just members individually, but members one of another. And You have joined us together, Lord, that each joint begins to supply, now, to each joint. God, each one of us, we are so compacted together, that we begin to supply to the joint, and bring edification to the whole body.

For Lord, we have been selfish in the past, and we have thought about our family. We have thought about us, our family, and those close to us. We were concerned about those that were just in our local body, our local groups, or our local household. And You are trying to get us out of that, and for us to begin to see the overall picture. To begin to see, Lord, the whole body; that we have a responsibility to You and to one another.

Let us no longer say, God, that, "I am my own, and the captain of my own salvation." For this is not so. Help us, Lord, to loose ourselves. Give to us the grace and strength that we need in this hour to rise up and sit down in You...to find our rest in You and our strength in You.

Oh God, that we might see the enemy cast from these heavenly places...these spiritual realms in Christ. That Satan no longer can dwell, nor come and attack us, nor come and try to influence us. May he be cast down, to rise no more; like Pharaoh's army, sinking to the bottom to rise no more. That, God, we no longer have that as a problem; but we wield the Sword, Lord, with experience and expertise. That we are no longer children, Lord. That we are no longer tossed to and fro, but we have come to the place of being rooted and grounded in You. That, God, we face the winds of adversity now, and we stand; but, not in ourselves, but in Your power and in Your might, Lord.

Arouse us, Lord! Stir up our pure minds in Christ. Stir up the gift of God within us, Lord, that we begin to function, and that we begin to edify one another. That, God, each one of us begin to stand at our post of duty...whether a watchman; or whether the one that stands in the front of battle; or whether the one that goes out to battle; or whether the one that prays; or whether the one that goes out; or the one that is watching on the watch tower; or whatever it might be...let us be at our post of duty, Lord, and let us be aware that the enemy cometh, and let us arouse the camp. Let us awaken Zion, Lord, that we begin to take our place now, and begin to destroy and cast down every imagination, and everything that is ungodly, and everything that is satanic. That no longer, God, will anything that speaks of Satan, rule in our midst or influence us in any way; but, Oh God, that there might be that pure people. Alleluiah! Alleluiah! Oh glory to God. Let us bless the Lord. Alleluiah! Alleluiah!....

...God, we come against every deceiving spirit, every spirit that has been sent by the enemy...that would try to deceive us in our hearts, in our homes, in our family, in our walk with You. God, we rebuke and we take authority over every spirit of deception, Lord, that no longer shall it work in our lives, in our home, in our local body, or in the whole body. But, God, we arrest and apprehend...we rebuke these spirits...this night...that no longer shall they have free way! Amen! But, in the Name of Jesus, we plead the blood of Jesus against every opposing spirit...every opposing force...that has come against Thy people, Lord! Amen!

And we pray that Thy people shall be loosed, Lord! In Your Spirit, Lord! In Your might, and in Your power. That, we together, may rise up as a mighty army...meeting the challenge, Lord. Destroying the enemy, and not being destroyed. Tearing down his stronghold, and not being torn down in our confidence and faith. In the Name of Jesus, we pray! Glory to God! Alleluiah! Alleluiah! ...Blessed be God! Blessed be His Holy Name!

...I have delivered my soul! I have obeyed the Lord. The rest is up to you, saints. Amen! The rest is up to you. But, mark what we are saying tonight. Remember the Word of the Lord tonight. For I believe that God is speaking very clearly to us, and telling us that we need to break with certain things. We need to cast off certain things. Things that have weighed us down...that have robbed us from our growth and development in Christ, and from embracing eternal Life in it's entirety. I believe God is speaking to us, and I think if we obey the Lord tonight and what the Spirit is saying, I believe there is going to come a release. A release in our own soul and spirit. A release in our own local bodies. A release in the brethren. A release in our families! Amen!

Come on, saints? This "up and down," "in and out" situation we have been going through, this is not being established and rooted! Come on? God wants us to be rooted and established. Let every wind of adversity come, but we will stand, and be steadfast...unmovable! Why? Because we have been rooted in Him.... He has rooted us. Oh Glory to God!...

Lord, we magnify Your Name. Thank You God, for the stirring that You are bringing to each one of us tonight. Amen.

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