Given on September, 1997


by Cecil duCille


Praise the Lord. I want to speak to you from Genesis. Let us begin in Chapter 12. We are thinking about the life of Abraham, how God dealt with Abraham and how God deals with us. There is a peculiar thing in God, that the way He dealt with the people of the Old Testament is the exact pattern of how He will deal with us.

So we do not need to worry about what God will do or how He will do it. If we just look at the Old Testament, the promises that God has given to Israel are the promises that He is giving to you. Somebody said, "But that is Old Testament." It is Old Testament, but it is God. God is never old! Amen. So what God did through these people He is now doing through you.
Now, everything that you believe, you should believe it because it is in the Bible. You must have proof as to why you believe so and so, and you must know your Bible and where to prove it from the Bible. If you do not have proof, find out from those who have studied the Bible, and let them show you where the proof is, that does not have solid biblical foundation. To have solid foundation means that you must find it in your Bible at least three times in most cases. Now, most of your Bible is implied. It is written so and so, and so; but it is implied so, That means that God will imply more in the Bible than what is actually written in words, because He said in John 21:25 that if all that Jesus said and did was to be written in books, the world could not hold the books. Do you understand? But then, for solid working truth you must have biblical foundation. Amen?
I am going to read something for you now that God said to Abraham, but it is something that is being said to you. It applies in a way differently to you that it did to Abraham, but it is the same work and it is the same meaning. We are going to look for what God meant when He said these things to Abraham. This is what we call "exegesis." Always look for the exegesis: God said so and so, but what did He mean?
Unless you have a pure heart, you will never come to truth. Truth is so elusive that it only comes to those whose hearts are pure. In other words, I can convince myself that I am right, but it does not mean that I am right. There are many things that we believe are true that are not true. We believe that we are right and because we believe that we are right we will go to lengths with it, but it will never bring forth life because the only thing that brings for life is truth. I am just laying down some principles for you. There are many things that are true, but they are not truth. Amen? Many things true, but not truth.
Every one of us has skeletons in the closet. Yes! Some skeletons down there that we just lock the door, seal it, and forget them. Now, if you should come and take the platform and you begin to preach about the skeletons that I have in the closet from way down yonder there, it would be true things that you are saying, but it would not be truth. Truth glorifies Jesus! Amen? You may know something about somebody and you tell it to somebody else, but when the person hears it, it disturbs him. It does not lift him up. It does not take him near to Jesus, but it sinks him. If this is so, then it is not truth and the bearer of evil tidings is working as an emissary of the devil.
There are some things that we know that we should not talk about. I will prove it to you. Let us say that we know some secrets in our family... some dark deeds that were done in our family. Do we go around talking about them? Then why should we talk about somebody else's?
God is bringing up a people. He said "Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the Lord's servant?" (Is 42:19). He said (in Ecclesiastes 7:21 -22) that if your servant curses you, you should pretend that you do not hear. Do you know why? It says, because you sometimes have likewise cursed others. God gives us a clear path and it is a little bit narrow isn't it? You do not have any leeway. You are not as free as a sinner, but it is the path of righteousness, and the Word says few there be that find it. There are not many Christians who walk the Christian way.
You say, "Brother Ces, these are people who are not going to heaven!" You are wrong! A lot of wicked people go to heaven. That sounds bad, doesn't it, but was the thief on the cross a righteous person? He made it though, because he repented as the last edge, and he was saved although his shirt was singed with the fire of hell. He was saved. Amen!
So are righteous people we have to be righteous from deep down inside.
Let us go to Genesis 12:1. "Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house unto a land that I will shew thee."
The Lord said this to Abraham and we want to know what is the meaning of this? Why did He put this in the Bible? Why should I be interested in what God said to Abraham? Do you follow what I mean?
This is your Bible. He put it in the Bible. Men fought to take it out. Men wanted to destroy the Bible. Men killed and did their best to destroy it and this thing could not be destroyed. They took some of the scrolls and burned them! Yet the people who burned them are past and gone and the scrolls remain. Alleluiah! They never did get it.
This Bible went through some terrible things. After the Roman Empire failed to destroy the Word of God, the Holy Roman Empire got hold of it and they locked it up in the Vatican and they made laws, so that anyone found with the Bible would be arrested and imprisoned. Many were slain and even burned at stake.
They hit it in the Vatican, and God went into the Vatican! Isn't that marvelous! God went into the Vatican and He tapped a man (Martin Luther) on the shoulder and He said, "I want you." This man was very studious. Every day he would go down into the basement where these books were, and he would be reading and reading and reading. One day God made him read "...justified by faith we have peace with God." (Romans 5:1). He said "What?" And, he read that there is just " mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" (I Timothy 2:5). He said, "What? Not Mary? Not Saint Peter? Only Jesus?" "Amen!" He got riled up. He kept on going and studying until he was firm and understood what God was saying, and he went out like a bull! Amen.
The Pope wanted to kill him, so they called him to trial. After the trial they let him go with the intention of ambushing him on his way home, but news of this secret plan to kill Martin got out and when the friend of Martin Luther heard of it, he sent a band of men to seize him before the other band waiting down there could get him. So his men came and took him, and covered him up, and he said, "Well, this is it..." (You know, he thought he was gone). But when they took him, he soon found out that he was in the castle of his best friend. Thus God preserved Luther to continue his translation of the Bible which made it available to us today. The Word of God was unshackled from the very root of the Vatican cellars where they had hidden it.
In those days they had no printing press, so scribes had to write the Bible by hand. One of these hand written texts that was made is called the Alexandrian text. In some quarters, it is believed that some of the errors in the Alexandrian text were deliberate, and others think they were brought about through careless work caused by men who were trying to write as fast as they could to earn as much as they could. Whatever the cause might be, we find that this text has many discrepancies when compared with the textus receptus. Nevertheless, the Bible got loose through Martin Luther. In order that the Word might be widely established, the Lord allowed a man to invent the printing press. There were others also, but the Church was killing men who dared to translate and publish the Bible. William Tyndale (Sir William Tyndale) translated the New Testament and began to smuggle them into England. He was eventually burned at the stake by the Protestant Church of England which was then under the directive of the Pope of Rome. It happened that a spy was sent to befriend him in Holland where he was hiding. This man was instrumental in getting him to return to England where he was apprehended. Tyndale's last prayer was that God would let the King receive the Bible. Three years after his death, King James had the Bible translated and copies were available in every house in England.
In our time, God is pouring His blessings upon us and knowledge is increasing. He has made man come up with the Internet and the Web. As we see knowledge in the world increasing, God is allowing man to develop these powerful engines of communication, not for the sake of Bill Gates who is becoming a multibillionaire. What is he doing with so much money? He would cut down every other business to get more and bigger and bigger. The only glory that is coming out of it is what you and I and people like us can use for God. God is allowing it, because it is serving Him and will help us to serve Him. The Internet is the devil's racecourse. The devil is having a heyday with it, but God is having His glory out of the whole thing and we must see to it that we use the computer to the Glory of God.
I want to say that it is a marvelous thing that God has provided for this, that we have available this interlinear Bible now, where you can see the original Greek and Hebrew text along with the literal meanings of the words; and all the other study tools that are now available... Strong's, the Bible dictionaries and lexicons, and so on, and how these are now easily available on computer programs. There is a growing library of these things, and related writings and study materials that you can put into your computer.
If you come into my den I have so many books, the whole house is being take over by books. If I need a little knowledge on something, I search the Encyclopedia Britannica, both the new copy and the old 1800's copy, to make sure that I have the truth. Sometimes, I have to search Josephus, or I have to go into this or into that, because I am aware that God has been anointing men for a long time and there is a stream of anointing coming down from the Ancient Church, in spite of the wrong way that many have been turning.
We need to be able to search through this stream of anointing and find truth. Amen! You find proof when you go into history. Not because the Holy Ghost is not giving you truth. Truth has been preserved down through the ages, generation to generation.
He says, "Study to shew thyself approved, a workmen that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15). Alleluiah! I mean, we have so many workmen here, and I tell you a workman that does not take pride in his tools or in the thing that he does is a sloppy person. Amen! Whatever you do, you need to be adept at it. You need to be good at it. You need to be able to do it perfectly, and look at a job and say "Well done." I look at the trusses when I come into this building and I look at the formation of the building. Somebody knew what they were doing. Amen. Alleluiah!
And so it is, that the Bible came to us through much tribulation... many deaths. Do you know that many of the men who translated the Bible, the King James Version, were killed? Many were killed. A group of people were organized called the Jesuits and they are the army of the Catholic church. They were under a man named Loyola who they called the Black Pope. Well, what has happened in out time... I do now know if you people are hearing and seeing and reading and listening... but this pope huffed him. This pope huffed the present head of the Jesuits. You know what I mean by huffing his position? He took away his authority and took it unto himself. So, this pope is both the white pope and the black pope in one pope. Did you know that? The white pope took the black pope into the Vatican and took over the direction of the army of Rome which is the Jesuits.
Now a Jesuit can be anybody sitting in this group, because a Jesuit does not have to wear the habit or any religious clothing. He does not have to pretend to be a priest. He can be anything that they want him to be. Many Jesuits are on Wall Street looking after their financial affairs. The government tried to investigate the holdings of the Catholic Church-how much they own and how much they have- and the government could not. They had to abandon it after many years, because it was so diversified and in so many different people's names that they could not touch it.
Yes. So here we are, God said to Abraham, "Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house...." The first move Abraham made, his kindred went with him and his father went with him also. Now, Abraham was in the house of idols. Abraham was an idol maker... and idol worshipper (Joshua 24:2). And his father was the priest, the high priest of Baal, and he put down his idols and went with Abraham. He recognized that God had spoken to Abraham and he was not going to be left out and so he went with him, and Abraham could not stop him from going with him. The Bible says that Abraham went to a point and stopped. He stopped there until his father died. But Lot did not die. Lot went with him.
I am asking you, does this work about Abraham mean something to you, or to us? Why did God put it in the Word? Why did God fight so hard that his word could come to us? Amen. God is saying to you that you must relinquish your national identity.
That is hard. That is very, very hard. If you are born a black man, you like being a black man. Some people do not know that. Some of you brethren do not know that the people who are black like to be black, and if you could give them the choice to be white, they would not want it, because there is a certain feeling that you have inside, that you are something special. Now I am letting tales out of school. I am telling you some tales. When we grow up we felt that we were made out of iron. We were strong. We were fighters. You know, we were on top of the world, and I know the people in Africa feel that way too; but then I found out afterwards your feeling, and you do now know what the other person is feeling over on his side. I know that the Germans feel that way, the Russians feel that way... everybody feels that way... and nobody is finding out what the other person feels.
So there will be wars until Jesus comes, because war is in the heart of man and it is the spirit of the antichrist. Now I want you to take this, do not take it with a grain of salt. Take it and believe it: It is the spirit of the antichrist that makes men want to reign and rule over one another. Amen! Anywhere you find men who want to rule and to reign and to be the boss and to be tops, it is the spirit of the antichrist. That is, unless it is where you want to be tops in Christ. Then you are bottom.
Now, did you hear that? Those who want to be tops in Christ they are the least. They go around washing everybody's feet and letting people walk on them. Oh, you do not like that, but that is the way you are tops in Christ. Amen. "Recompense to no man evil for evil... but overcome evil with good." (Romans 12: 17, 21). That is being "tops" in Christ. So God worked it out that the spirit of the antichrist is the one that likes to rule and reign over others, and the Spirit of Christ is the one that wants to rule and reign with Christ.
Now..."Get thee out of thy national identity... thy country...!" Do not be an American any more! Do not be an Kenyan brother. Do not be a Jamaican brother. Do not be a Polish brother. Do not be a German brother. Just belong to the new nation, the royal priesthood, the peculiar people. My God! Isn't this what God is asking us to do? He approached Abraham with this, and He said, "Get out Abraham! Get out of here and stay our of here!" And Abraham knew it was God who spoke to him.
Now I am not saying that it is easy. It is difficult not to be black, when you are black. God sent me to His people. He did not send me to a color. I have to recognize God's people regardless of their color.
There is something else that we need to recognize: that you really do not have any color! It is a deception! Your color is a deception. It is an outward facade that you are wearing to deceive everybody that you are black or white, when really you are supposed to be a spirit. A spirit does not have any color! You understand? You are not what you seem to be.
You are trying to deceive me by looking at me out of those eyes. I can see in you a spirit. Amen! I see in you something more than what you would like me to see. You come up to me and you are smiling and laughing, but you are deceiving me. You are not laughing at all. Deep down in there, there is a "roar." There is a roar. There is something more deadly, more serious, more profound that the thing that you are pretending to be. You do not want me to see the real you. Therefore, you smile. There is nothing that throws a person off more than a smile. Amen.
And so, God said, "Get out!" I will tell you what, if you do not get out, you will not get in. If you do not get out, you will not get in! God is calling men and women and children into His kingdom, and He said, "I offer you a holy priesthood. I offer you royalty," but you must come out if you are to come into what God is giving. And this is no joke! This is not some preaching thing, you know that we are putting over you. This is reality! They are for a time. They will pass away! Your color will pass away. You nationality will pass away. All these things that you have in you, that you believe are real, are unreal! Amen!
"I offer you a royal priesthood, a hold nationality!" Alleluiah! God is recruiting people unto the heavenly kingdom, and unless you get out of the kingdom under which you are ruled you will never get into the kingdom of God.
The question is: When I get saved and I get baptized in the Holy Ghost, am I not in the kingdom of God? We teach, we preach on this, but most of the brethren with which we fellowship do not believe this one point that I am bringing to you now.
You are born again, there is no doubt about it. Jesus shed His blood for you. You are born again. He came, and you opened yourself, and He baptized you with the Holy Ghost. Alleluiah! And your spirit is completely taken by God. So now you have a spirit that is not yours. You cannot control your spirit, your spirit is taken by God. Your spirit will always be coming against the wrong things that you do. Alleluiah! But are you in the Kingdom of God? The Kingdom of God is in you, but are you in the kingdom of God? Now, what is the meaning of it? The only want we can find if we are in the Kingdom of God is if we understand what is meant by being in the Kingdom of God.
Okay, let us take it from the natural. We are in the kingdom of the United States of America. We have to obey the laws. Everyone of you who came here by motor vehicle had to have a license. You have to pay by the year for your license. Your license has your photograph, your identity, and it is all done by the government under this kingdom where you are. Now, you can drive without a license, but it is called a crime. They will arrest you for driving without a license. You say, "I did not do anything. I only drove without a license," but you are in this kingdom, therefore you must obey the laws and the rules of this kingdom or else you are illegal and criminal. Right? Now that means that you are under the headship of the government of the United States, and whether you like him or not, the President of the United States is the head of the government of the United States. You do not have to like him, but what he says is going to affect you. Okay?
Now, let us go to the spiritual. To be in the kingdom of God you have to be under the headship of Jesus Christ. That is, you have to be obeying the laws of Jesus. You have to be a citizen in good standing and not a criminal, because, as in our previous example, a criminal is still in the kingdom of the United States, but he is in prison or he is working against the law and the law is working against him, and sooner or later he is going to get hit and taken. Do you understand? So, to be in the kingdom of Christ Jesus, you must be under the headship of Christ Jesus. Now, are there Christians who are not under the headship of Jesus Christ? Yes! There are people who are born again and saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, but who are not under the headship of Jesus Christ. So, they are against the very kingdom that has redeemed them and purchased them. Amen.
So then, we are saying that to be in the kingdom of Jesus you have to come out of the kingdom of the enemy. He said, "Get thee out of thy country..." But then, there is something else peculiar. He said, "... and from thy kindred... your family." What is that? He is talking about the host of spirits that govern your family.
Susan, what country are you from? Honduras. Your whole family is from Honduras. Your father and mother, grandparents, uncles... everybody is from Honduras. Well, what I am saying to you is that the spirits that govern Honduras are the spirits that have governed all your family, coming up to you. Some of those spirits are your family. (What kind of thing is that?) You have spirits in your family... (I just pitch on you because I want to tease you.. it is all of us). In your case, you do not have an American heritage that comes against you, but you have an Honduran heritage that comes against you.
Brother, you come from Kenya, and you have a Kenyan heritage of spirits, and all the hoodoo men that have been in your family coming from way down there... they come up to you. God says that you must stop them by coming out from your kindred. We are not talking about you just physically coming out. Physically coming out might help, but we are talking about you "spiritually" coming out of your kindred and from your father's house; because there are certain spirits that governed your father's house, and when your father came to Jesus, he stopped them and he gave them a blow, but they came to you. I tell you what: Every disobedient child goes right back to the ancient spirits that rule their whole family. Do you know why? Because God says that the sins of the fathers shall take... What? Up to "...the third and fourth generation of them that hate me." In other words, "to them that are disobedient to Me."
Glory to God! Get out of your country, and from your kindred. Reject the rulership of the spirits that ruled your family. Amen! Tell the spirits that they have come to their Waterloo, and that they are at the point where they will be destroyed!
You know what happened when I got saved? I was the first one in my family that got saved. I was a very violent person, spiritually speaking. I know this because the spirits tell me that I am violent. I was merciless. I would get hold of a spirit and..., "In the Name of Jesus Christ, I condemn you to the abyss! Go!" And they were being murdered. That is what the spirits said "You are a murder." I murder spirits! Isn't that wonderful? Alleluia! Amen.
I tell you, the spirits even sent some brethren to me. They said "Brother duCille, I think you are doing wrong, because when the demoniac came before Jesus, the spirits asked Jesus not to cast them into the abyss, but to cast them into the pigs, and Jesus had mercy on them." And they said, "It is not right for you to be casting spirits into the abyss." I said, "Jesus, what is this?" And the Lord told me an answer to give them. I said to them, "How long ago was that?" They said, "Nearly two thousand years ago." I said, "Well, the time must come for them to be cast into the abyss! They were saying to Jesus, 'It is too early. Give us a break,' Jesus agreed. It was too early. Because if Jesus had cast all the spirits into the abyss, there would be none left to torment you, brother."
I believe the time has come for us to stop these spirits from bothering our families. And, I began to cast these things into the abyss, and the next thing that happened, my sister and her husband were having a quarrel. She is a verbose person. She said, "What am I going to do? This man is saying so and so..." I said "Tiny (We call her "Tiny")... kneel down!" She knelt down and I laid my hands on her, and said, "In the Name of Jesus, set her free!" and she screamed! I mean, she made such a racket that the neighbors came running, and many of them who ran through the door got down on the floor, and God started a revival right there! Do you know what really happened? The demons that used to trouble our family were rebuked and sent into the abyss, and she got delivered! Amen!!
I went after my brother Frank. I said, "Jesus, I want you to save Frank on Saturday, next week." Violent! I was violent. Now, I am not telling you to be violent. It worked, but I think it was just that God had mercy on my violence. I said, "God, save Frank!" because I saw him running wild, you know, having fun. I said, "Save him. I will not eat until you save him." I stopped eating. I stopped eating the whole week. Saturday came, and I am going for him now. I left and went to Kingston to get hold of him and I could not find him. I went to the meetings and we had a wonderful time, but Frank was not there. I could not find him at all. I said, "Oh God, I have to repent to use such force and You did not seem to agree with me, because I wanted Frank to be saved and he did not get saved." At that time, however, Frank went on a job with a social organization to look into the behavior of Pentecostal churches. They wanted to know why it was that these people are talking in tongues? "What is wrong with them? Psychologically there must be some fault. What is the fault?" So he went into this Pentecostal church with his notebook and was taking notes, and why the people are talking in tongues and carrying on like that: "... Some psychological imbalance!" Alleluiah!
He said he did not know what happened, but he found himself at the altar. When he picked himself up, he was at the altar with the "psychological disease." So he came in Sunday night and he was saved! Alleluiah!
The Bible said, "Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred..." Do not be a duCille any more. Do not be what you are any more. Reject it! Forsake it! Turn to God!
Are you able to do it? I will give you a secret. This is one thing that God will never do for you. You have to do it. God will not reject on your behalf the demons that rule your family, and let me tell you brethren, they are strong!
I used to feel them walk through my head. I remember how a man would come talking foolishness before me, I would sit before him laughing, and get up and slam him to the ground. Madness was a part of the French and African that was in me. Total madness! And we prided in it.
God said, "Get out of it." I reject it! Reject it! Fall to you knees. Bow before God! Amen! Loose him! Oh yes!
"Get thee out of thy father's house... And I will make of thee a great nation." The promise is to you. God was saying to Abraham, "The promise is to you and to your children and to everyone that the Lord God shall call." The promise is yours! We do not have to be crawling on the ground any more. It is time for the church to rise up and for you to take your place before God!
I will tell you why . The people say that I am preaching "elitism." You know what that means? That we are saying that I am preaching elitism, and we are the elect of God... the called out. If you are called out, and you must be called out of something, and if you are called out, you are called out of something unto something. If you do not know what you are called out of, you do now know what you are called to.
God has called us out of denominationalism. "Get thee out of thus country and from thy kindred and from thy father's house..." God is saying that you must not longer be a denominationalism. We must not belong any more to any separation or division of God's people. Don't you understand? We are God's people and everyone who is God's people, we accept them as God's people. You do not have to go and boast and say. "I am a Presbyterian." When Presbyterianism came along, it was great. It was on the cutting edge. Did you know that? Did you know that the message that we have concerning the ministry, the presbytery, is the message that came to the Presbyterians? And they separated themselves. They separated themselves, and when they did they fell into a rut and became a denomination.
Now, praise be to God. "Get out!" We understand therefore, that it is not something of myself that I am preaching to you. I am just telling you the truth that God is bringing to my heart about getting out. We must get out and we must stay out! Amen. And we must become one nation, one holy people under God.
Let us turn our Bibles a little bit on, and see here something that God said to Abraham. It is in Genesis 14. There was a fight going on. Five kings, including the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah went up against four other kings and were routed by them. Lot, Abraham's nephew, was in Sodom and somebody came and told Abraham, "They have taken your nephew and they have taken the men of Sodom." Now, isn't that funny that now the Sword of God must now go against a people to have Sodomites? You find out what happened there? We were going to fight for them now. Not for their way of life, but because some of ours were among them.
Now, Abraham took his servants, and you know the rest of the story. He went after them in the night and they did not know what hit them. God was with him, and so Abraham with just a few hundred men defeated an army of many thousands. And he took away all the spoil and the people.
But, this Chapter 14 says that he was met by a person. Let us look at it. Verse 17, "And the king of Sodom went out to meet him, after his return from the slaughter of Chedorlaomar, and of the kings that were with him, at the valley of Shaveh, which is the king's dale. And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.


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