June, 1999




       The dream begins with me waiting for a train to come. I was aware a train was coming. I knew I was to wait for it. I looked around and saw two boxcars blocking the train from getting to me. As I looked up, I saw this giant engine. Brother duCille was at the controls. He waved to me, so as to say that everything will be all right. This huge powerful engine moved the two boxcars out of the way with ease. I laughed and rejoiced, because it was such an easy task for this big powerful engine to remove the boxcars.

       There were many compartments on the train. I got aboard and saw many other people; people whose faces I knew. I finally got to the car where Brother duCille and Mavis were. Brother duCille informed me of a problem he had. The Internal Revenue Service wanted more money, a very large sun. He informed me that he did not have this amount. I said, "I do not know where it is coming from, but God will supply."

       Brother DuCille then became aware of the fact that the train was going in the wrong direction. There was a strong force, like a magnet, pulling the train in the wrong direction. At that moment, someone came into the car and called us all to prayer. I thought it was Frank DuCille. [Note: Brother Frank went home to be with the Lord in May 1998.] We all began to pray at this very large altar. A voice spoke to us (I believe it was the Lord) saying, "I want your arms, your feet, your eyes, your legs, your [ears], your torso, your neck." All the parts of the body were mentioned. These parts were all to be dedicated to God (like a sacrifice). The word came to me that we all needed to present our bodies as a living sacrifice.

       The train stopped briefly. Sister Mavis got off to exercise and to walk. I offered to walk with her. She told me that her right side and leg were hurting her. We both realized it was the enemy. I agreed with her in prayer that God would heal her. I told her that she was healed. She said, "I knew I would be healed, because the journey on the train was a long one and I will need all the strength to make the trip."

       We got back aboard the train and continued on, only now the train was going in the right direction. It was going much, much faster. We still had several stops to make before we would get to our final destination.

       When I awoke, the Lord said, "Write down what you saw so that you remember." I reached for a blue ballpoint pen, but the Lord said, "No, write it in black ink. I want this to be black and white."


The Interpretation Concerning the Train Dream Given Brother Campbell by the Lord on September 6, 1994:

       In 1982, I had been praying that God would open new doors of fellowship to me. Brother duCille encouraged me to attend a fellowship meeting in Rockford, Illinois. The Lord spoke to me to go to this meeting, as He was going to join me unto these people.

       The train in the dream is a type of the Body of Christ and the Sonlight Gospel Fellowship. I was not on the train, as I had not yet joined the group.

       This dream is prophetic. Part of it is fulfilled, part is being fulfilled, and part is yet to be fulfilled (Revelation 1:19).

       Part is fulfilled: The two boxcars blocking the tracks so that the train could not get through to me, are two things in my life that God had to remove before I could get aboard. He removed them. The engine moved the two boxcars with great ease. I laughed and rejoiced because it looked so easy for God to remove these things (nothing is impossible with God).

       Many compartments on the train: In God’s House, there are many mansions or abodes—dwelling places. The part about the I.R.S has already taken place. (In the actual dealings that Brother DuCille had with the I.R.S., he paid them a certain amount, but the I.R.S. wanted more money. He ended up paying them a larger sum altogether.)

       Part is being fulfilled: The train going in the wrong direction is taking place now. The strong force that is pulling the train in the wrong direction are legions of demons. A stronghold of them has come against all of us. God is calling all of us to prayer and fasting, as this kind is only destroyed through prayer and fasting. It will take a total and complete commitment on our part to break this power and influence. Our body, the whole Body of Christ and the fellowship will have to make this dedication.

       The train stopped: Sister Mavis and I got off. Mavis was attacked in her right side; the right side is a type of power and dominion. Jesus is seated at the right side of the Father. The enemy attacked where the seat of God’s government is. This was not a physical attack; it was a spiritual attack. The enemy is trying to take away from us the power and authority that God has delegated to us. I agreed with Mavis in prayer. Two of us will put ten thousand to flight. We need to pray and agree with one another. We cannot fight the battle alone anymore. We got back aboard the train together in unity and with one mind.

       Part yet to be fulfilled: Now the train was going in the right direction. Now things would begin to happen very fast. Because we united in prayer and made the dedication, God will loose the finances. He will loose the finances for the building project, for Missions, and for every other need.

       Black Ink: God said, "Use black ink." This dream is very important—It is very, very, serious. Black ink is permanent. Black ink could not be washed off or erased because it was permanent. Black Ink could not be changed by anyone. This is very final. Do not take this lightly. [Note: The vision was to be written down directly as it was given, in black and white. "Black and white" means it will not change.]

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