June, 1999




(Message given in the closing meeting of the November 1998 Nebraska Sonlight Gospel Convention)

       I know some of you are saying, "Not him again!" I really did not finish last night. There was something that I held back that I feel I need to share now. I have learned through the years that to speak hastily, without the anointing or the liberty—you know, just because we have a word, it does not always mean we have to give it right away. There is a time and a season for all things.

       I feel that that this word I have to share is a word of caution. Personally—I am just talking about myself—in the last five, probably ten years, we have absolutely been bombarded by the enemy. The most unusual part about it is that it has involved some of the very things that God delivered us from when we were first saved. I am not going to go into detail. I really do not think that is significant. However, it was such a bombardment from the enemy, that I began to wonder about it, and I began to question the Lord about it. Then the Lord reminded me of Matthew 24, where it says that tribulation would come, such as there has never been before, and never shall be hereafter.

       As I was lying on my bed one evening, it seemed that every devil in hell was unleashed upon us, and as this began to transpire, I began to question the Lord, and I said, "Lord what meaneth this?" And the Lord said, "Didn’t I say that that there would be such tribulation and there would be such oppression such as you have never seen before?"

       When we were all first saved, and God delivered us from many different habits and what have you, the enemy would come along and then try to tempt us. And we would almost laugh in his face, because we felt such victory and strength. However, you know, I believe that now in this hour that the powers and principalities are being so pressed down upon us. And do not kid yourselves saints, they know our weak points! They are well aware of our weak points. They know us! They have had centuries and thousands of years to study man. They know each one of us.

       The thing that we need to realize is that this oppression is going to intensify. I am speaking in particular here about where there is a weakness in your life, whether it is that you do not have complete control or victory over your temper, or whether it is lust, or gossiping, a loose tongue, or whatever you have been wrestling with. These things where you have victory, but it is something that you are always tempted in. We are going to be tempted and attacked in such an overwhelming way, that we are not going to make it if we do not know God. I mean, where we are walking in the secret place with Him.

       Saints, we just are not going to make it if we try to go it alone. We need one another! We need the Body of Christ! So, my advice is to get into a local body if you are not in one; and if you are in one, stay there!

       Do not let the enemy come along…. We are not ignorant of his devices. He tries to divide us and conquer us. Do not let him do this to you. You will not find victory if you try to go it alone. We are going to need the strength and the life that is in the Body of Christ. We are going to have to be praying for one another. We have some that are weak and sickly among us, and believe me, what God showed me, they will not make it unless we are joined together in one Spirit. Joined together, in the spirit and bonds of peace, in the Spirit of God.

       We must lay aside our petty differences, and the things we may not always agree with. We must lay these things aside. This is a serious time! God is not fooling!

       I wrestled with this thing, and I said, "God, You are allowing the enemy to attack us, Lord." You know, He says in the Word that if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived. Thank goodness, it is not possible! Thank goodness God is going to have a people that He will cover and He will keep, and that the enemy shall not be able to touch us. But I think the word of warning that God is saying is, "Do not stray out into the far country. Do not take a holiday from God." I think that if we pray—and I think it is going to take much prayer, and fasting and waiting on God. If we are going to break through this atmosphere, and this darkness, I believe we are going to have to do it in a combined effort, in a corporate way.

       Let us turn to Ecclesiastes 4:9. I believe someone touched on this scripture earlier in these meetings. You know, God never tells anything, nor does He warn us, unless He gives us a solution. I always said to these men years ago—they used to move in the word of knowledge—that what good does it do if God shows you somebody has a need, if He does not meet the need. It does not do any good. You can discern all you want to discern. I think God not only wants to discern what the problem is, He wants to take care of the problem! Can you say Amen?

       All right, I am not going to take long. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, "Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe unto him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a three-fold cord is not quickly broken."

       I would like to say that, young people, sometimes you get a little upset, especially when you are told you cannot do something, or you had better not do something, or that it is better that you do not do something. Sometimes there is just that spirit that would rise up and say, "Well, you know, I do not need this."

       Yes, but you do! My daughter never comes home crying to me. If she ever comes home crying to me, I say, "Good for you." Because I know that God is working something out in all of us, and we need to be willing to submit ourselves under the mighty hand of God.

       There are none that are vagabonds in this; there are none that are freelancers. We are baptized by one Spirit into this one Body, and whether you know it or not, we need one another. So, do not let the enemy come along and try to cut off your lifeline and try to get you to leave the Body for some reason. I do not think there is ever a valid reason, and if there is a problem you are having, go to the elders of the church, and let them pray for you and anoint you with oil, and the prayer of faith is going to heal you and deliver you.

       For God showed me that it would be so terrible, we would not even be able to think! We would not be able to say, "Well I will think about this thing and somehow I will work it out." We are being overwhelmed by spiritual forces. They are trying to kill us! Do you understand that? They are trying to destroy every last one of us. They are trying to get us to separate first from one another, and to separate us from the Spirit of God.

       They are not going to succeed, for I believe that the Spirit of God is in our midst and is going to stir up the Holy Spirit in us, and the Holy Spirit in us and through us is going to meet the challenge. Amen! But, do not allow anything to work in you. If you have ought against somebody, for goodness sakes get it straightened out right now! If you have resentment to any of the leaders, or brethren or elders, go to them and get it straightened out. If you are struggling with a problem, have the brethren pray with you, and I believe that God will bring deliverance to you.

       If you let the thing alone—I was so touched the other night. I do not see the young man here now, but he came up for prayer. He was really troubled by a certain spirit. Do any of you remember his words? Well, part of his words were, "I cannot go on like this any more! I cannot take it any more!" I believe it was coming from an honest heart. I believe he was coming to the end of himself, and I believe that there are cries that are coming up, "Lord, deliver my soul!" This has been my prayer for many a day. I awaken with it. I go to sleep with it, "God, deliver my soul!"

       I believe God wants to and is going to deliver us. But, you see, the things that are happening in the world around you—do not think that you are immune from those things. It seems that the youth are being so attacked by the spirit of violence. Just recently, in the little town of Burlington, Wisconsin near where we live, I think it was four or five young men planned and plotted to go to school the following Monday, I think it was. They had access to the alarm, and they were going to turn off the alarm in the school. They were going to cut all of the telephone wires, and they were going to go in there and they were going to kill the principal. They had a regular hit list, and some of the students that opposed them, because of their form of dress and their life style—they were going to kill every last one of them.

       Now, that is bad enough, but you know what they planned for themselves? Not to be taken prisoner! They had made a pact between them, a suicide pact: "We will fight until we are dead. We are going in there with the thought that we are going to die."

       [Note: This warning is prophetic as it is identical to what just happened in the school in Littleton, Colorado on 20 April 1999.]

       Now you say, "Well, Brother Campbell, we read that all the time—that is all around us." DO NOT KID YOURSELF! Do you think those spirits are not coming after us? Do you think they are not attacking our mind and our soul? You are kidding yourselves, saints, because they are attacking us. They are trying to kill us. They are trying to get us to fall! To deny the faith. To break fellowship with the local body.

       DO NOT LET THEM DO IT! DO NOT LET THEM DO IT! Let the Spirit of God move upon you, and before the thing becomes a real problem, for goodness sake, get prayer and get deliverance. And if it comes back again, get some more prayer and deliverance! But, come together, for in the coming together there is strength. Alleluiah! Alleluiah!

       Oh no, they would not attack all of us today—not together! You know that Satan is a coward. He will come after one or two, but he will not come after all of us—not all at once! Do you know why? It is because the Spirit of God, the power of Christ, the anointing of God, is in us and upon us. Alleluiah. Alleluiah!

       So, saints, for goodness sake, do not let these things fester in you. The other night when the brother came up for prayer, I felt that there were others that were having the same problem, but they did not come up. There are others that are having problems, and you need to have prayer. You need deliverance, and then you need to draw nigh to God. Stay put! Let God nurture you and strengthen you. Alleluiah! Alleluiah!

       You folks, you know—let me say this and then I am going to sit down. You have a privilege I do not have. I do not have a local body to go to. That has been a real handicap in our family. We need a local body. You need it! It is not, "Well, I think I might try it." No, we need it! It is absolutely necessary that we are associated, linked together, with a local body that is moving on in God. This is our strength.

       When I was young in the Lord and growing up, the local body I joined was such a strength to me! I love the house of God. I am not talking about this building. I am talking about you and I. I love the house of God, the temple of God. I was so helped and encouraged by the elder saints there. Oh, I was rebuked when I needed it. I was chastened when I needed it and I was counseled with when I needed it, but I grew in God. I learned to be submissive.

       So, I feel this is a warning from God that we need to act now. Do not wait for another convention to come along. Do not wait for another meeting. If there are things that we need to get right that are wrong in our hearts, get them right now, before these meetings end, before we depart and go our several ways.

       Father, we pray in the Name of Jesus, that You will take these words, and You will anoint them to our ears and to our hearts; and You, Lord, will stir up our spirits within us. Open our understanding. Show us the seriousness of the hour. Show us that time is running out, and we must get into that secret place with You.

       We must learn to abide, Lord God, for we see what is happening round about us, and we see there is a falling away. There are some who were once on fire for You, who pursued righteousness and holiness, who now have gone the way of the flesh, back to the beggarly elements, back to the old ways.

       God, deliver us this day! God, deliver us, Thy people, this day! Deliver us from all guilt, from condemnation, from rebellion, from being stiff-necked. God, from idolatry. God, from self-righteousness, from pride, from lust of every form. Will You deliver us this day?

       We be Thy people, Lord, and our cry is unto You! Man cannot do, Lord, what only You can do, and we ask You this day, Lord, release our spirits. Deliver our souls! Amen! Set us free, God! Alleluiah! Alleluiah!