November, 1999

Prophecy (Janet Jantzi):


I would say unto you, My people. Yea, I come today, and I move and I hover over you by My Spirit. For yea, I would search the innermost part of your inner man this day, saith the Lord.

For yea, there is a cry that goes up from the hearts of My people, and I would search, and those things of your soul that would hinder you, those things of your soul that would hold you and bind you down to this earth; those are the things of your mind, of your will, of your emotions, and of your desires that are of Adam and are not of My Spirit, saith the Lord. I search to loose those hindrances from your soul that My Spirit might come and bring a filling of My Spirit into your spirit, that it might flow over into the soul of My people.

For I would that your soul would be one in the Spirit with thy God, saith the Lord, that in the days ahead you might stand. In the day of darkness and of trouble.

And I say unto you, My children, I brood over you this day. I hover over you this day, and I move to look and to search the heart and the very inward parts of each of My children. For I would that you would not be hindered. I would that you would not trip and fall. I would that you would not be turned back in this hour, saith thy God.

But, I come; I come and I move in My spirit, and I come and I move in My love, for I am jealous for My children, saith God. I am jealous for those that belong to Me. For I guard and I will keep those that have been given unto Me, and have been cleansed by My blood and brought in by My Spirit. And no man will take them and pluck them out of My hand, saith thy God.

But, I would say unto you, do not hinder, do not draw back, do not block and stop the work that My Spirit desires to do in this hour, at this time, saith God.

Know this, that I have a purpose. Know that I am the Bishop of your soul, and know that there is a work in the soul that I would do in this hour, that the soul and spirit of man might come into the Spirit of thy God. That you might be one, that you might know Me and be joined to Me, and that where you are joined to Me and where I am, that My Father is with you, saith the Lord.

And I will lead you and I will guide you and I will counsel you, saith the Lord, in this hour, to walk in the way thou ought to walk; that you might walk in purity; that you might be cleansed by the fire, by My word, by My Spirit; that you might walk in power.

Oh, you want My power, saith the Lord, but there is a process of purging and cleansing; and so let My Spirit have His way in your midst, saith the Lord. For I have come to do a work, and I have come that you might walk in the Spirit with Me; for I have come that I might save thy soul, saith the Lord. Alleluiah!

Part 3 - Righteousness