Cecil duCille

The picture that comes to my mind is a great big river flowing down: God, the River of Life, and we are little conduits; and the water has to squeeze up to get through us; and what I am seeing is that some of the conduits are blocked and the water will not go through. And God wants to repair and to open up the blocked areas so that we will be able to flow. You see, it is the will of God that the Christ of God and God should flow through us, but it is also the will of God that we should flow through each other. In other words, the power and blessing of God that God has given to me, that when I give it to you—when the ministry gives it to you, when your brother gives it to you, when your sister gives it to you, even sometimes little children give it to you—it is supposed to find a place in you so that it not only comes into you but it flows out of you. Alleluiah!

God is saying that there are some blockages in some areas of our lives that need to be opened, and we would like to see and to believe that as the word of God goes forth that there would be a flowing. There would be a flowing.

You know, there is a deeper message in the whole thing: that God inhabits our beings, that God Almighty walks through us! He says, "I want to walk in you and I want to talk in you," and even as God walks in us and talks in us, we do walk in each other, and we do give to each other life that is from God. We should be giving life, but unfortunately, sometimes death comes forth from us to one another, and God wants to heal this body.

You probably do not understand what is happening. God has been preaching to the Church for—well, let us take the last 2,000 years. The Word of God has been coming to the Church, and every time the Word of God comes in, man turns it into something else. He either turns it into something to bring him profit, or he turns it into something to bring him glory or to make him great, to make him go by the name of Reverend So and So, or something like that. The thing has always been disfigured, disrupted, and then destroyed. So God is saying now, "This is the last time. This is the last church." I do not believe that there is going to be another church. I believe this is the last church! And anybody who wants to believe that I am saying that it is just this group in here that is part of the last church, it is their business. For if you believe that, then you are not hearing God. I am saying that God at this time is calling people all throughout the earth, and this is the last call! It is the last church! There is not going to be any more calling, because after this will come judgment! The judgment is upon the land, and God is beckoning, frantically beckoning to His people, "Get yourselves in order! TRIM YOUR LAMPS!" For the hour is coming when you will not be able to trim it. Amen!

Somebody says that I threaten, and I do threaten. I am threatening you right now. If you do not get right, you are going to find yourself outside! Outside!

You know somebody told me that the young people are complaining that all they get is threats and that they will get their heads chopped off. If you do not want your head to be chopped off, your head will not be chopped off! Those who get their heads chopped off will be those who want to get their heads chopped off!

I am sure you do not understand me, but I am giving you that one as a puzzle. Amen! Alleluiah! Jesus Christ wanted them to crucify Him. If He did not want them to crucify Him, they could not touch Him. He wanted them to crucify Him because He knew that He was the Eternal Life! He had the eternal life in Him, and the only proof of life is death. If you say you are immortal, and somebody chops your head off, you have to prove it! You will have to prove it, and this is the whole story. God Almighty is saying to us that He is calling a people who will overcome everything, including death. The very last foe to be overcome will be death! We should not be a people who are afraid, "Oh, they are going to chop our heads off, or we are going…!" You have a long way to go before you get to that stage. Amen. You have a long way to go! As a matter of fact, nobody would want to chop your head off, because you are not there in the Spirit to be worthy of a martyr’s death!

I want us to see the place God is bringing us to. Turn with me to Genesis 22:1, and let us read a little story there about a flesh and blood man who pleased God.

"And it came to pass after these things, that God did tempt Abraham, and said unto him, Abraham: and he said, Behold, here I am. And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of. And Abraham rose up early in the morning, and saddled his ass, and took two of his young men with him, and Isaac his son, and clave the wood for the burnt offering, and rose up, and went unto the place of which God had told him. Then on the third day Abraham lifted up his eyes, and saw the place afar off. And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you."

This is very peculiar. Here he is carrying the boy to kill him, to offer him as a sacrifice, and he is telling the young men that, "He and I will come back." Amen! Alleluiah! Now, that is some sort of faith! He was going to kill him believing that God would raise him again from the dead.

Verse 6, "And Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering, and laid it upon Isaac his son; and he took the fire in his hand, and a knife; and they went both of them together. And Isaac spake unto Abraham his father, and said, My father: and he said, Here am I, my son. And he said, Behold the fire and the wood: but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?"

So, Isaac did not know that he was the lamb. Verse 8, "And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering: so they went both of them together. And they came to the place which God had told him of; and Abraham built an altar there, and laid the wood in order, and bound Isaac his son, and laid him on the altar upon the wood. And Abraham stretched forth his hand, and took the knife to slay his son. And the angel of the LORD called unto him out of heaven, and said, Abraham, Abraham: and he said, Here am I. And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me. And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold behind him a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son."

Now there are a few things that God has been showing me concerning this story. First of all, God made Abraham choose a site in the middle of Jerusalem. There was no Jerusalem there at the time, and on that site right now, the Mosque of Omar is covering that stone where Abraham offered up his son. I believe God preserved the site because God has something else to teach us. God did not want any Jewish temple to be put over it, and so He made the Arabs come along and put an abomination over the stone so that they might not worship the ground.

The Lord is speaking to us through this story, and what I want to talk to you about is "righteousness." Righteousness! Now, Abraham, as a physical, natural man, was not righteous; but the Bible said that because Abraham obeyed [believed] God it was counted to him for righteousness (Genesis 15:6, Romans 4:3). So obedience became the standard of righteousness for us.

Now, if you obey God you will also be righteous. As a matter of fact, you cannot be righteous without obeying God, and you cannot be holy without obeying God. Holiness is a requirement for seeing God. The Bible says (in Hebrews 12:14) that you cannot see God unless you are holy. I am asking you here, how many of you here are holy? Raise your hands. Somebody scratched their head, but their hand did not go further than their head. So then, you will not see God! Isn’t that what it says? I should think so! I should think that the Bible is saying that if you are not holy, "NO MAN SHALL SEE GOD"! Without holiness, no man shall see God, and without righteousness, you cannot serve God.

So, what we are looking at? What are we talking about? We are talking about God calling a people to the place of an altar. Do you know that the altar that Abraham built there for his son was a type of the golden altar in the Tabernacle? Right there he was ready to kill him, but did he kill him? He did. Yes, he did. Amen! Jesus was slain from before the foundation of the world, yet Jesus walked up and down in Galilee and in Israel until He was slain on a cross. In other words, when a thing is done in the Spirit, it is done! God knew that Abraham was not fooling. He was coming down with that knife, because he knew that God said that he should do it. God said he should do it, and so he was coming down with the knife. Now, God is talking to you about your Isaac! Do you hear me?

We sang those words, "Flow through me." The power of God is here! The glory of God is here! Yet, we are not receiving an eighth of an inch of the glory which God has surrounding us here. Why? It is because we have blockages. We have blockages, and I am going to touch on some of the blockages, and if I touch on your blockage, please believe that it is God touching you. Amen!


There are blockages in our daily life that we are encouraging, and these things are blocking the arteries of life that must flow through the Body into us! Alleluiah! "Many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep (die) because they did not discern the Body of Christ" (See 1 Corinthians 11:29-30).

Now, look around the world. There are a lot of people; there are lots of Christians everywhere. Are they all the Body of Christ? Can you discern the Body of Christ in the midst of all this confusion? God Almighty is saying that you will be weak and sickly and die if you do not DISCERN the Body of Christ; meaning to say: see it, appreciate it, recognize it, and use it!

We were discussing this morning about things that God would allow if God is good. If God knows everything I am going to do tomorrow, then, you see, as a fatalist, I can say "Well, everything is all right. There’s nothing that I can do! I cannot do anything!" You say, "I cannot do anything," and yet the Almighty God, Who made the heaven and the earth and made all men, said to you, "Be ye… perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." Why should He be telling me that, if I cannot do anything about it? Why should God be telling me that I should be perfect even as God is perfect if I cannot do anything about it? Don’t you see that you have the handle and you can do something about it?


There is something that God wants us to understand, and that is that we are unfinished work. I am not finished. I am an unfinished work, and God says the only way I can be finished is if I will do what He tells me to do to finish the work. Amen! Don’t you understand? We are being created!

The Bible says that God created man in His own image, but He made man in His likeness. Now listen to this. He created you in His image, and He made you in His likeness. Let me explain what I mean. When God made Adam, what did God see? When God said, "It is good," what did He see? Can anybody answer that? He saw a perfect man! God knew that Adam was not finished, but He saw a perfect man, because when God sees He sees the past and He sees the present and He sees the future, all at the same time. Now, can you understand that? Can you understand a person talking with you, and seeing your past, and seeing your present, and seeing what you will do tomorrow, and seeing your end—the whole thing! It is like a man high up in an airplane looking down on a river. He sees where the river begins, he sees the continuation, he sees the end of the river. He sees all this all at the same time! God, therefore sees us in a way that we cannot see, and because He sees us in a way that we cannot see, we should trust Him, that whatever He tells us to do, we do it! If He says, "Jump over the precipice," you should jump, because God is seeing us in a way that we cannot see and He is knowing us in a way that we cannot know; and because God is God! Did you notice the life that came in the song when we sang about God being God? Now, because God is God, and because of what He is going to do, we should be very close to Him: hearing, listening, and moving in what He is doing and what He is saying.

Now, the end of this matter, we do not know. He is seeing what our end will be. Every one of you here had a beginning, didn’t you? You have an end. Have you ever thought of it? You have an end, and God is seeing your end right now, not waiting until tomorrow to see your end, or the next day, or the day when your time will come to be with the Lord. He is looking at you right now!

Now, because God is looking at me, I should be very, very careful of what I do and what I say. Everything I do and everything I say should be God. Too many of us, too many times, are saying that God said so and so, and that God said to do this, and God said to do that. We are taking the Name of the Lord in vain, because God did not say so, but we think that God said so. Now what we think God says and what God says are two different things. I think that God is saying to me to do so and so, and so; but is God saying to me to do so and so, and so? I have to be able to balance between what I think God says and what God really says.

We are dealing then with an omniscient God. We say He is omniscient, which means that God sees everything, everywhere, at the same time. It is not even possible for us to conceive of someone who can see everything everywhere at the same time. Can you think of that? Can you think of someone who is seeing the outside of this wood, and at the same time seeing the inside and every atom that is in the wood? And as he sees this one piece of wood, at the same time he is seeing the whole universe! To us, as far as our thinking is concerned, He is an impossible God!

Therefore, help us not to think God, just help us to do what God says to do. To move when God says to move; to walk when God says walk; to talk when God says talk. And when we make a mistake, to say, "Oh God, I am sorry. Forgive me for that one. Yes, I goofed." In other words, we can make mistakes. Some people cannot, but we can make mistakes. I want you to understand that.


Now, the point that God wants to show us this morning, is the point of righteousness and where it is that we fail God. We are failing in righteousness! Amen! Why are we failing in righteousness? It is because many things are blocking our hearing.

Let me tell you, if you are used to hearing, let us say, rock music, then it is very difficult for you to hear God’s music when God begins to speak. This is because in Romans 10:17 it says that salvation [faith] comes by hearing, and hearing comes by the Word of God. Salvation comes by hearing! Let us take the word "salvation" and put in its place the word "deliverance." So, deliverance comes by hearing, but hearing comes by the Word of God. Therefore, I can be hearing and not hearing; and I can be hearing the word of deliverance and not being delivered, because I am not really hearing. My hearing has been blocked because I have been listening to something else!

Do you know that the devil uses one word against the other, like bullet against bullet? He fires a blow at you, and you turn back the blow by the power of God. Then he fires another, for he is trying to break you down to a point where he can handle you. Don’t you understand? Any time you rise up in the Spirit, the devil says to God, "Yes, he is there now. I can attack him on that level." Amen!

Yes! If you believe in dreams and visions, the devil is going to attack you by dreams and visions. Please do not believe that every dream and vision that you have is of God, because it is not true! If God can give you a dream and a vision, the devil can give you one too! Because he has the right! You are up there, and so he can attack you on that level. Any level you get on, the devil can attack you on that level in a greater way. Amen!

When he was attacking Jesus, how did he do it? Did he come and whisper a little suggestion into His head? No, he appeared before Him, man to man. Yes! He appeared before Him. He talked with Him right there, and he took Jesus up into the heights of His spirituality. Yes! It says that the devil took Him up into a high mountain." Is this speaking about a mountain in Jerusalem? No! No mountain! He took Him up into the height. The Bible says "mountain." It means a high place. He took Him up into the height of His spirituality, and he said, "Look with me. Look! Look at them." There was darkness in Peter. There was darkness in James and John, and all the apostles. There were dark spots in them. He said, "I told you I would get them. Zion is mine!" (See Isaiah 14:13)

You know, I heard you here singing about Zion, and I wanted to stop the song, and I wanted to say to you, "Do you know what you are saying?" When God says that He will "roar out of Zion" (Joel 3:16), He is talking about you. God is going to roar out of mankind with power to bring this earth under God, but not until you get under God can you expect to bring the earth under you!

Now, the devil said to Jesus, "Look! Look with me." When Jesus looked, He saw darkness in His chief apostles—men He had called by God’s power to take the gospel through the earth to destroy the power of Satan. Amen! These men had darkness in them!

He said, "I will tell You what. If we make a deal right now, I will give You the whole of them." Can you imagine the effrontery of a being, that God made in the first place, turning around and saying to Him, "I will give You these people"?

Of course, Jesus spoke a word to him, and it was never fully translated. He spoke a word to Satan and He put him down. Jesus put him down with one word, but what I am saying to you is that Jesus was on a certain level, and because Jesus was on that level, the devil could be attacked on that level. You are on your level, and every one of us is being attacked on our level! Amen! Alleluiah!

You overcome as a young man. Young people, if you do not overcome lust...I mean lust is "desire." You must overcome that desire. You must overcome it, stand on top of it, and be able to say, "Be gone from me! I will not submit to the feeling that I feel inside here!" Unless you come to that point, you will be an old man who never overcame. The worst thing to meet is an old fool. Amen! You meet a young fool, and probably you can fool him. You meet an old fool, you cannot fool him. He is already fooled.


I am talking to you about the overcoming of the things that are in you. Lust is blocking God from flowing through you! Do you hear me? Lust! Evil desires! Contrary, inordinate affection is blocking God from flowing through you!

I am distressed at the young people not rising up and bringing this whole area under God. If you have the glory of God that you say you have, or that we sometimes deceive ourselves that we have, if you had that glory it would shine in the whole of this area from Champaign right over. People would begin to bow to God and know you, because every young person here would be out there winning a soul of their fellow men outside there.

Instead of that, you are thinking about marriage. You are two feet high, and you start thinking about marriage. You are not ready for marriage! You need God! You need God! You need to break down the power of Satan in your life! Stand upon it, and then when you become victorious, God says, "Here is your partner."

We are not guessing, for God made a man for every woman, and for His children even more so. God made someone for you, and you do not want anyone else beside that one that God made for you! My God! My God! You need to rise up and say, "I do not want the best man or the best woman in this congregation, or in any other congregation, or anywhere in the world; unless this is the one that God has provided for me!"

That is character. That is virtue. VIRTUE IS THE ESSENCE OF GOD FLOWING INTO THE HUMAN SOUL! Alleluiah! Jesus is pouring out His virtue upon you, and the women and the men must be virtuous. They said, "WE WILL NOT BOW!" Alleluiah! In the book of Daniel, the three Hebrew boys, with the virtue of God flowing through them, said, "Oh King, we are not careful in answering you. We are telling you that we will not bow!" Amen! "That is the bottom line! We will not bow! And if our God decides that we should come home to glory today, then burn us!" Glory to God! Loose! "BURN US!"

Virtue, Brethren! Virtue! The people of God have lost virtue. They must take in a movie every week—sometimes, two movies a week. Where do these movies come from? What are they preaching? Amen! Are they preaching God? Is Hollywood turned over to God? Amen! Death, death, death! They are preaching death! When you come out of a movie, you have lost virtue! My God! You tell me how you feel when you walk out of a movie. When you walk out of the movie, you have lost virtue. Do not tell me your dreams and visions after you come out of that movie, because they are mixed up! They are mixed up with what Hollywood has burned into your heart!

Look at the young people of today; what they are doing. Why do you think young boys would get up and shoot down their schoolmates? Amen! You think of your schoolmates, the children who you went to school with, and you have this warm feeling towards everybody who was in your class. To take a gun and shoot them down—the ones you know and have looked in their eyes every day—to shoot them down with a gun? It must be a satanic possession that has taken hold of the children! The satanic possession is fed to them through the television, through the books that they read, through the teachers that teach them, THROUGH THE PARENTS, and through the movies! Alleluiah!

Hell has come into the people of God, and into the people, and into the Church. Hell! Hell has made inroads into the Church, because you can go to a movie and you can look at the movie, and you can read the love stories, and you can hear of the kissing and you can see the uncleanness in the kissing that they kiss. Let me tell you something: you say that you do not commit fornication, but you do commit fornication when you give your body to kissing in the way that these people are doing it! It has a meaning. Why would they excite one another if they have no intention? Amen!

Praise be to God! I am telling you, somehow we missed it. And you know what, when I walk through this building, through the back, I see the rubble that is in there and how long it has been there and how long it has been unfinished, and I realize that the people of this congregation, of this body, ARE NOT HEARING FROM GOD! YOU CAN ONLY DO GOD’S WILL IF YOU HEAR FROM HIM! Amen!

You tell me your dreams and your visions. You tell me what God is saying to you. I am not talking about those who feel that they do not belong here. I am talking about those who feel that they belong here. Do you know why? God sent me out of Jamaica and He sent me with a specific message. He sent me to a specific people. Those who do not hear the message, those who do not feel that they need to follow the message, they are not those who God sent me to! I do not expect from them anything, but from those who will walk the high road. And I am calling it the high road because it is a higher road than the churches have been leading me. Amen!

I have gone through the churches! I have gone through the Pentecostal Church! I have seen what it is! I have seen the devil take over the Pentecostal Church! I have seen the devil take over the Pentecostal Church, and if you have any eyes of God at all, you go tomorrow morning and sit down in one of those Pentecostal churches; and you will see Satan actually ruling and REIGNING among people who are supposed to have the Spirit of God!

There were two men down in Miami. There was a spate of killings. Murder, murder, murder; and they could not catch these people. They were robbing the banks, they were murdering, and they could not catch these people. One day the FBI got onto them and they backed them up, and the two men pulled out automatic weapons and shot down five FBI men before they got them. Guess who the two men were? One man—he was in Charisma magazine as the model Christian. I do not know if you all remember that, but he was on the front page of Charisma magazine. He was called the "model" bachelor Christian, and the other one was his buddy.

Brethren, WHY didn’t the church find out that there were two demons in the midst? WHY was the church so deceived to put them up as model Christians, when they were demonic men?

I spent many years in the Pentecostal Church. When it comes to dancing, boy, nobody can stop you. Amen! Everybody would get up and be swinging around! It is glorious to look at, but the devil is in the midst. You can tell anybody I say so! I can prove it to any minister that comes here and tells me that his church is pure. I will go in there and show him what is going on inside of his church. Sorcerers! God said, "Babylon is fallen and she has become the hold of every demon and every evil bird!" THERE IS NO VISION! The people perish! Alleluiah!

Now, I am saying, brethren, do you think that the devil is going to leave us alone? He is making inroads into you, brethren. The devil is making inroads into you, and I can see it by the deadness of your spirit in righteousness, to do that which is righteous! amen!

I remember that we used to go from house to house, and say, "Can you give me something to do today? I want to clean up the yard for you or something, and you give me an offering for my church." And you go and you work, and in the evening everybody comes in with what they have earned. The sweat of my body—this body is the temple of the living God and anything I use it to do for God is well pleasing with Him!

Somebody says, "Oh no, you are all Babylon! If that is what Babylon does, you do it."

What do I care about Babylon? What do I care about what Babylon does? If Babylon walks on their head, and God tells me to walk on my head, I am going to walk on my head! Amen! Glory to God! I do not care what Babylon does! Babylon is not my problem! My problem is obeying the voice of the living god! Amen!

And I obey God with my substance. Yes! I lay my substance down. We are talking about the altar of incense in the Holy Place where man lays his soul down before God, and says, "God take it." And the Bible tells us that if the smoke goes up, God accepts it. If the smoke goes down, the priest dies right there! Amen. If the smoke goes down, the priest dies at the golden altar. He is not going to make it to the Holy of Holies. He is going to die right there in the holy place, where God is asking you to offer your soul. You offer to God an unclean soul when you are half in and half out. You are half for the world and half for God! Is it Hollywood that is motivating us, or is it heaven? Are we going to continue to do the things that we believe are righteousness? WE MUST BE RIGHTEOUS NOW! Believe me, we must go to God and weep and pray and say, "Lord God, I do not know what to do. I do not know where to go. I do not know how to go. I cannot walk without You! I cannot talk without You! I need you Jesus!" And weep between the porch and the altar, according to the Word of God, UNTIL GOD SPEAKS! And when God tells you what to do, you have a peace inside. You do it because you have a peace inside. Alleluiah!

I am saying, Brethren, that Abraham believed God. "Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness" (Genesis 15:6, Romans 4:3, Galatians 3:6, James 2:23). That is how you are going to get righteousness. The only way you are going to get holy and righteous is by believing God. Alleluiah.

Take your mind off yourself! Take your mind off marriage—who you are going to marry, and you do not know where, and how, and when. Take your mind off the things of the world. Jesus said in the parable of the Seed and the Sower, "The seed was planted into thorny soil, and the thorns grew up, and the seed grew up. And the thorns grew up, and the seed grew up; and the thorns grew up, and the thorns choked the seed and it brought forth no fruit." Have you ever considered why you are not bringing forth fruit? Why are we not bringing forth fruit? This should be a fruitful tree that hangs over to the ground with fruit, that people would be coming from everywhere to taste of the fruit of Zion that comes from the people of God. WHY ARE WE NOT BRINGING FORTH FRUIT?

Worse than that, we are bringing forth fruit—bad fruit! Yes! Brethren are getting up and using their tongue for sin. God heals you. God delivers you from death. God preserves your life. He keeps you. Is it for the purpose that you might then take your tongue to slander God’s people? To slash the people of God? God is displeased with the work of the tongue IN THIS PEOPLE.

I am not talking about those people outside there. I have no business with them. I have business with you. God sent me to you. Amen! Anybody who God did not send me to, you have no responsibility to respond to what I am saying! But there is a people in this last hour who must go to the high road; who must climb the mountain; who must overcome! And it depends on YOU whether you will be among those people or not. Alleluiah! Because, if you fail God, God will get someone else who will not fail.

The people of God lack virtue. The people of God lack virtue. I tell you the truth, I know you lack virtue when I look at what some of you wear. When I look at what some of you wear, I know that you are not hearing from God, because what you wear is tempting men. This is the temple of the living God and you cannot be hearing from god when you put certain things on this temple to use it as a temptation to men outside there!

You say, "I am innocent. I am just innocent. I just like to wear my shorts, and I just like to wear my this and I just like to wear that; and I am innocent." You are not innocent! You are guilty, and you are killing people! You are guilty, and you are killing men. The women who wear it outside there, they are of the world and they are wearing it for a specific purpose. They are part of the world public—Satan’s people! They wear it! Now, why does the Christian wear it? Why do you wear it? Why do you wear certain things? Provocative garments? Why do you wear them?

It is to tempt people. Both men and women alike. Amen! Both men and women alike. I am saying this because you have NO right! If I had one of you as my daughter, I would go home with you right now and take a knife to every pair of shorts that you have and cut it up, because it is an instrument designed to attract men. And if you find it in your heart that you want to wear it in your house, at home, and you say, "I am only wearing it in my home," it is the stigma of Satan that is in your heart that is causing you to wear it!

Now, I tell you! You do not have to say it is somebody else that is preaching clothesline. IT IS ME! Because I hear from God! Yes! When my wife used to wear certain things, I did not say a word to her. God spoke to her personally, and told her take it off. Why didn’t God speak to you? It is because you would not listen.

It is a terrible thing when God will not speak to you! Did you know that? Oh yes! After Saul committed the final crime against God, God pronounced a judgment; but Saul was going on for years after God pronounced the judgment. Alleluiah. Amen.

One day, heaven shut to Saul, and he could not hear from God. He asked all the prophets, but nobody could hear anything from God. He went to a sorcerer, the witch of Endor! He asked her to bring up a dead man from the grave and let him tell her the divination (1 Samuel 28:7-8). I am telling you that some of us go after divination when we cannot hear from God. And you know the rest of the story and what happened to Saul. Alleluiah! When you cannot hear from God, nothing is wrong with God. Amen! God is still speaking! When you cannot hear, IT IS BECAUSE something is wrong with you! Alleluiah!

Praise be to God. Alleluiah! Now, it is not Brother Campbell; it is not Brother Burt. Nobody! It is me! I am the clothesline man. I am the clothesline man. I am telling you that God anoint me against it! Amen! I tell you, it grieves my soul to see the children of God wear these types of things to capture men!

You say that that is not your intention. You still have no right to wear it! Go home, cut them up, and throw them away. You hear me? Go home, cut them up, and throw them away! There is not one of us who has never made mistakes. Do you hear me? Just go up and tell God, "This is a mistake. Is it that Brother Ces is not hearing from You, or is it I who am not hearing from You?" If you are honest with God, God will talk to you. If you are not honest, God will not talk to you. I preach clothesline. Yes! Amen!

I am talking about the things that are blocking us from hearing God! We hear the voice of the devil, and we submit to the voice of the devil, and we miss God! Amen. Alleluiah! Go to your movies! Listen to the voice of the devil! There are enough satanic spirits around, we do not really have to go to a movie to hear the devil. You can hear him anywhere, but some of us have to go to the movie to hear him. I am saying, "It is not God!" Amen! Alleluiah. I am saying that it is not God. I am saying that there is a blockage. There is a blockage in the conduit. The glory of God should flow through you, and flow to others, but it is not coming out! THE GLORY is not coming out! This means that you are not flowing. You are blocked, and if we are blocked, may God Almighty help us!

Blocked! You cannot hear God. Some of us are blocked when it comes to money. Amen! Some of us will hear God about anything else besides money. When it comes to money, we are blocked. Amen! Do you think then that you are righteous?

Moses got up before the people (Exodus 35) and said, "All those who are of a willing heart, let them bring…as the Lord anoints them to do, let them bring." And the Bible said that the princes brought gold! I do not know if you heard me. The princes brought gold! I am not speaking to you about your offering. I am speaking to you about your soul! Your soul is not in the right place to give! If you are not in a right order, it would be an abomination for you to give!

Let us consider what we use money to do. Sisters, I see somebody in a hairdressing parlor. Remember now, I told you I did not plan to tell you anything in particular. I did not know what to say. I am just seeing and talking. Right? I see you in the hairdressing parlor, and you have to go so often. I wonder if you would ever consider giving God some of that money that you use at the hairdressing parlor, and do not go so often?

I wonder if you could consider, of some of the things that you buy, that it is God’s money that you are spending? You cannot tell me that it is not God’s money. If God preserves you, keeps you from sickness, gives you health so that you can work, gives you strength that you can do the thing—it is God’s money! YOU ARE BELONGING TO GOD!

When you baptize, you make a covenant with God! What happened to your baptism? What happened to the covenant you made with God? What has happened to the covenant, "I am not going to do so and so any more"? Where you said, "Lord, it is death, burial, and resurrection with Christ. I will walk with You through the darkness. I will walk with You through the storm. I will walk with You when things are good…." Because, you know, some of us will walk when it is hard, but when things get prosperous we are not able to continue walking with God. Alleluiah.

A lot of us have forgotten tithes. Somebody says, "Brother Ces is preaching about tithes." Yes! Yes! I am preaching about your soul. Where is the tithe of your soul? If God has your soul, He has the whole of you! You do not have to preach about tithes to people whose souls are knit with God, but you preach to those who begin to backslide; those who begin to move back from the place that God had called them to.


We want you to go forward now. It is going to be now or never! God is calling a people to move forward, to break the yoke of bondage and the cords of lies and deception that have tied you and bound you! Alleluiah! God says, "Break the ties, break the bondages! Loose yourself, for it is late!"

When are you going to break the bondage and run for Jesus Christ? When? When? When? When? How long? Alleluiah! The sad, sad thing is that many of us will be caught unawares in spite of all the warnings, in spite of all the preaching.

Do you know what some people who are not here today, what they say? They say, "Oh, we have heard all this before. We do not need to go to convention because we are just going to hear the same old time thing all over and over again." I could read one passage of Scripture a thousand times and every time I read it, it is new! It is new every morning. Great is Thy faithfulness, Oh God! Alleluiah! Loose!

I tell you, Brethren, Abraham was righteous. It was not because he lied. The Bible was careful to tell you how Abraham lied, and the Bible was careful to tell you how Abraham went and had his maid at the behest of his wife. Amen! The Bible is careful to tell you these things, to show you that Abraham was not a superman. Alleluiah! But, he believed God. He believed God, and God counted it to him for righteousness! How are you going to be righteous? You have to believe God. You have to do what God tells you what to do. You have to move in the way God tells you to move. Alleluiah!

So, let me come to another part of this message. The message is that, we are being created. The moment Abraham lifted the knife and decided to drive it down into the boy, a new life came into him! God said, "Now, I know." Do you think there is anything God does not know? Brethren, the things that are happening to you in life are happening because God is tempting you to walk in an area that will create in you SOMETHING NEW! Alleluiah! The Spirit of God, moving upon David, said, "Lord, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me." Alleluiah! Why? Come, let us pray this song:

Create in me a clean heart, Oh God.

And renew a right spirit within me.

Cast me not away from Thy presence, Oh Lord.

Take not Thy Holy Spirit from me.

Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation,

And renew a right spirit within me.


…We are being created in the likeness of God. We are being made in the likeness of God. How are we being made? How is it happening? Everything you do, everything you think, it is part of the creative process. It will either hinder the creation or it will foster it! There is a delicate point in the creation of anything, when it can either turn this way or that way. Alleluiah! We are at that point where God is trying to birth Christ within us, and the world is trying to birth Satanism (the devil himself) within us. And the one hinders the other!

May God help us! May God help us, Brethren. May God help us to understand the truth, that we are in a point of creation. Everything you see in the movies, everything you see in the world, everything you see in your mind—it has a process. IT IS EITHER ASSISTING OR RESISTING THE PROCESS OF YOUR CREATION IN THE IMAGE OF JESUS CHRIST! Alleluiah! Amen! So, we have to be careful. God is saying to you, "Be ye perfect." Why would God say that to me if I have no power to be perfect? The power is in my hand. The power is in my hand, either to submit to the perfecting process, or to resist the perfecting process!

Now, how can it be, that I resist the process, and I do not even know what I am doing? It is because, if I submit to the devil, he will cause me to resist it without my even knowing. Therefore, I become a fool! Yes. An innocent fool who resists God without knowing that I am resisting God. Don’t you understand?


God is saying to us as a people, "Rise up, rise up, shake yourself from the dust." Alleluiah! Claim your rightful place in God. Hold on to the good that God has done, the good that He has given you, the way that He has prepared for you to escape out of the dust! Alleluiah!

Don’t you see that He wants a lively Body? God looked down there and He saw in the end of time a people rising up who will serve the Lord. The Scripture calls it the "generation of the righteous" (Psalm 14:4). Did you hear about that? The generation of the righteous. In other words, a generation of people who will obey God! Glory to God! Amen! Alleluiah!

I am going to leave it off at this, you know, because, as the flow comes, it can go on for hours and hours, and hours; but I do not know that you can receive so much. Alleluiah.

What I am saying, Brethren, is that you keep the main points. Keep the main points, that, God is at this time finding people who He can flow through. Amen. If God flows through you, you become righteous because you are doing exactly what God wants you to do. That is righteousness. That is holiness, and when you do it for a time, it becomes kind of a habit, and God calls you holy. He said, "Be ye holy, for I am holy." May God help you and bless you, Brethren. Alleluiah….

Part 4 - Lord How Shall We Stand