A dream received in July 1999 by Della Ferguson, Schuyler Nebraska Fellowship:


I had this dream two weeks before the July Convention in Mahomet, Illinois. The dream starts out with me sweeping. We were cleaning. The people that were helping me were brethren. I did not recognize the faces but I knew that they were brethren. While we were cleaning, tornado sirens began to go off. I said to the people, "We must go to the basement. When we arrived there, I looked out and saw the tornado. It was small and weak, so weak that you could see through it. It hit a portion of the house but did not have enough strength to do any damage. After the tornado was gone we went back upstairs and continued cleaning. Again the sirens began to sound and again I said to the people, "We must go to the basement." Some were hesitant, so I pulled on one of them by the arm and felt a great urgency as I said, "Let’s go!" I felt that everyone needed to take cover. I am not sure if everyone went down or not.

When I got to the basement, I saw the basement doors were open. So I went to close them. When I got to the doors I saw that they had released the children from school to watch the tornado. The children along with other people were all over the hillsides watching the tornado with no fear, expecting it to be weak as the first one had been. I then turned and faced the direction they were looking and I saw an enormous black…very black…tornado. I could not believe the people were just standing there.

I began to shut the basement doors. There were two doors and as I was pulling the doors together, two little blond haired children quickly came in. After I closed the doors, I latched a hook and eye latch and bolted the doors with a dead bolt. I turned around and saw that I was in a storage area. I went in further, there was another set of doors and I latched and bolted them as I had the other doors. The people there in the basement were at peace because they were in a place of safety. Then the dream was over.

When I awoke, the first thing that came into my mind was this whole situation with Y2K. I felt that the Y2K problem is the first weak tornado, and the second big black tornado is something far greater than Y2K.

(It would seem the dream is saying that the great fear concerning Y2K is unfounded, that it might well come with little impact to most of us personally. However we should be watchful and listen for instructions from the Lord since there is something behind it that will be terrible.)